milk, dark & white

flavours don’t say fuck you — i hate you because of your colour   they speak a little chocolate because they know of nothing with regards to hue of origin   their knowledge is tempered, carved & melted   similar to some humans who do not tolerate hate crimes against those of different — whateverContinue reading “milk, dark & white”

mouth sparklers

t.u.r.n.  o.f.f.  pop rocks, photo credit candy warehouse t.h.e.  l.i.g.h.t.s. you’ve  got to see this… here  don’t look   just open  — pour  the contents directly  into your sweet  tooth riddled pie hole please patiently wait  for the illuminated  multi-hued fireworks display to begin inside your mouth now, drink a soda — freaked out by urban  legendsContinue reading “mouth sparklers”


For an open-minded individual there are a myriad of possible ways to not only educate ourselves but all society through first understanding the impact that the Residential Schools housed with regards to intergenerational trauma, cultural genocide, and forced assimilation. The Residential School system being a catalyst for First Nations trauma experienced as a method ofContinue reading “BIPOC EXPLORED! Week IX”

BIPOC Explored Week II

The REDress Project was established as a direct result of the missing or murdered Indigenous women of Canada. This installation is one that has travelled throughout North America to showcase and add visibility to the Indigenous women who’ve had their lives terminated before their time. The reason that these dresses are placed in very openContinue reading “BIPOC Explored Week II”

Time to get your writing muscle going; pre Carnaval de Poésie

I thought it might be fun to have one pre Carnaval de Poésie friendly competition before the serious event begins on Monday August 2, 2021. And, I have a special prizes for the winner not only will you win a Spoken Verse prize by our 4th week judge Tony Moore from his concept album Awake,Continue reading “Time to get your writing muscle going; pre Carnaval de Poésie”

stolen or paid for?

perhaps one could survive on delectable stuffed liquorice creams liquorice creams? there are certain existences like that of jean valjean where the need certainly outweighs the want tragedy imposes upon those who are impoverished — who yearn for a hunger so poignant — it seems one could live on air alone sans nutrition use it…Continue reading “stolen or paid for?”

hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?

i know it probably sounds weird to associate candy with music nevertheless salt water taffy  i have absolutely no choice at this juncture today i selected salt water taffy and when i start to think of the soft chewy and ever flavourful confection i’m reminded   of   promises made throughout my youth   brokenContinue reading “hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?”

sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….

when i think of yummy adhere to your teeth forever goodness sugar daddy photo credit candy warehouse — i begin to dream of sugar daddy’s. they\’ve got to be the best thing on a stick next to that chocolate dipped cheese cake pop i had in maui over —  13 years ago. something about thisContinue reading “sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….”

fall during times of torment; rise when peace isolates solace

my fall down the rabbit holehas forced me to come visage to visagewith humans that have solidified my inner core with the gift of acceptanceeach human being on this earthhas a melange of not only horrific tales also ones that are riddled with a purificationprocess of our own trial by firewe don’t only have thisContinue reading “fall during times of torment; rise when peace isolates solace”


you know that placewhere your humanitydiminishes — with eachdisturbed brain cell? in a similar surroundingof “one flew over thecuckoo’s nest” a placewhere broken craniumsare forced to livein a constantstate of a druggedhaze or a swiss cheesecerebellum that’s had oneto many electric shocktherapy treatments insanity is perpetuatedby those who do nothave the wherewithalto comprehend shatteredbrains areContinue reading “dwindle”

Live Music Returns To The Bedford with Tony Moore & iLO! ❤

Tuesday night, at the Bedford in Balham, in the UK, Tony Moore & iLO once again took to a public stage as live music has returned to this tremendous venue.  The performance this evening by Tony Moore is a beginning to end chronicle of his forthcoming album Awake.  Awake is the type of epic masterpieceContinue reading “Live Music Returns To The Bedford with Tony Moore & iLO! ❤”

Château Lafite Rothschild 1895

Decades ago,         while on a family                     trip to California             I was introduced                       to my first truly lush               & expensive bottle of wine.         At              that                         point            in                     my                              life, I wasn’t         a connoisseur. My best friend              and I were resigned              Continue reading “Château Lafite Rothschild 1895”

Why is it that unbuttoned and folded shirt sleeve cuffs look WICKED when an instrument is being played?

as a vocal student in secondary school       i was constantly around tunes            it was a whimsical experience               to walk on that stage                    in all black, with a rocker               Continue reading “Why is it that unbuttoned and folded shirt sleeve cuffs look WICKED when an instrument is being played?”


late bloomers are always underestimated i have no idea why — is it because we are constantly on the precipice of constant growth old news to modern society — always easily on the verge of something radically shiny — well at least inside of our contemporary universe  

half or full life riddled with “what if\’s”?

if you could have a discussion nerds, photo credit candy warehouse with your imagination what would you tell this entity? who\’s encourages lands to be built in the name of no one a place where it is safe to expose all of your fears, joys, tragedies without judgmental influences that don\’t particularly relish the “whatContinue reading “half or full life riddled with “what if\’s”?”

motherhood and the not so sweet tooth…

to crave something you desire nevertheless unable to devour demise from a deconstructed confection sugar-free candyphoto credit diabetic candy physically not all can tolerate sugary treats — however what lacks in glucose makes up in flavour especially in cane-free delights don\’t worry about what you are able or un to do time is our bitterestContinue reading “motherhood and the not so sweet tooth…”