Time to get your writing muscle going; pre Carnaval de Poésie

I thought it might be fun to have one pre Carnaval de Poésie friendly competition before the serious event begins on Monday August 2, 2021. And, I have a special prizes for the winner not only will you win a Spoken Verse prize by our 4th week judge Tony Moore from his concept album Awake,Continue reading “Time to get your writing muscle going; pre Carnaval de Poésie”

stolen or paid for?

perhaps one could survive on delectable stuffed liquorice creams liquorice creams? there are certain existences like that of jean valjean where the need certainly outweighs the want tragedy imposes upon those who are impoverished — who yearn for a hunger so poignant — it seems one could live on air alone sans nutrition use it…Continue reading “stolen or paid for?”

hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?

i know it probably sounds weird to associate candy with music nevertheless salt water taffy  i have absolutely no choice at this juncture today i selected salt water taffy and when i start to think of the soft chewy and ever flavourful confection i’m reminded   of   promises made throughout my youth   brokenContinue reading “hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?”

sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….

when i think of yummy adhere to your teeth forever goodness sugar daddy photo credit candy warehouse — i begin to dream of sugar daddy’s. they\’ve got to be the best thing on a stick next to that chocolate dipped cheese cake pop i had in maui over —  13 years ago. something about thisContinue reading “sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….”

fall during times of torment; rise when peace isolates solace

my fall down the rabbit holehas forced me to come visage to visagewith humans that have solidified my inner core with the gift of acceptanceeach human being on this earthhas a melange of not only horrific tales also ones that are riddled with a purificationprocess of our own trial by firewe don’t only have thisContinue reading “fall during times of torment; rise when peace isolates solace”


you know that placewhere your humanitydiminishes — with eachdisturbed brain cell? in a similar surroundingof “one flew over thecuckoo’s nest” a placewhere broken craniumsare forced to livein a constantstate of a druggedhaze or a swiss cheesecerebellum that’s had oneto many electric shocktherapy treatments insanity is perpetuatedby those who do nothave the wherewithalto comprehend shatteredbrains areContinue reading “dwindle”