plastic, candy, metal

our first set of keys
are inedible
brightly coloured
teething rings
made specifically
for tender mouths
with emergent
sour keys 

once flavours
begin to make
themselves known
it\’s not long before
puckery sours
are discovered
especially the larger
ones that take
a while to chew
with the aid
of a tiny

no longer a child
out to plot a way
to obtain the car
for a fun filled
night with friends
with the aid of metallic
keys which match
this shiny disco ball 
key ring

stages must be present
to ensure not only
well rounded flavours
but proper dental
and driving

sounds so cliched
to say nevertheless
life transitions
take their time —
there\’s a reason
why it takes
to accomplish
the simplest
of tasks from
sucking for comfort
to eating for joy
and driving with the music
blaring for a bit
of jovial amusement

what stage
are you at?

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