mist particles slowly start to separate the heavy clouds cotton candy ocean\’s become flushed  visible steam starts to warm even the coolest of places — inside of dark caverns way below conventional air wisps seek a future to hold on tight too — one that establishes euphoria inside of static minds open to nothing concealContinue reading “Lux”

what secrets are in your drawers?

a sinister hand seeks solace concealed within tiny compartments no one knows what\’s been fed properly or with what? hmm, a decade and handful of years since we first fell in love do you remember that cozy night? distilled emotion to a location that\’s consistently lost & delirious your knowledge of what hid in myContinue reading “what secrets are in your drawers?”

i know it looks like a pirate\’s shirt — but…

an extra ornate frilly ivory blouse adorned  cuffs that scream! candy sharks        \”i was meant              to be a poet!\”  yet am humbledby such a preciousgift — one wouldat times consider to be a curse  can you imaginebeing so sensitivethat every single emotion radiatesall over your body Continue reading “i know it looks like a pirate\’s shirt — but…”

Broken Candies Anthology Update! By Sonja Mabel McClure

The word count requirements for the Broken Candies Anthology poetry submissions have recently been expanded. The new word options will be between 150-750 words. Themes for this book are strength and resilience. All proceeds will be donated to the Durham Rape Crisis Centre. Email one original submission to . Find out more details about the submission guidelines here, Continue reading “Broken Candies Anthology Update! By Sonja Mabel McClure”

sadness induced, by your inconsideration…

there are some candies that only bring forth emotions of extreme anger — followed by a shake of the head in quiet contemplation “you\’re so selfish!” you see, there will always be individuals that leave us to react or over with regards to specific situations a gleeful temperament would never take away from the painContinue reading “sadness induced, by your inconsideration…”


Stolen moments, from hands that blindly feel around; for that well hidden stash of prescription medication.  Unfortunately, the humiliation of addiction forces those who struggle, to constantly live inside of  the pitch shadows. Enslavement, was about an authentic comparison, of confectionery and various mediums. That relishes the opportunity, to enhance an effortless atmosphere  away fromContinue reading “Inclination”

is it?

insecure knowledge fresh fruit concealed inside a micro vale that simply refuses to lift — some items better be guarded close to the core — fibre optic branches rescind any value gained through extreme intellectual debauchery with one who could distill any mood to a syrupy formula in lieu of dry p.o.w.d.e.r.

you pick — oubliette or imaginarium?

at presenti would like to addressthat suicidal teen housedinside of your awkwardthirteen or even seventeenyear old self — that looks backdecades later to discern the depthof stupidity that has been exhibited a witching hour comes for everyonewill you allow the charcoal pitchwhich has pricked your spirit— to coat a spitfire essenceor will you freeze that littleContinue reading “you pick — oubliette or imaginarium?”

void of any restitution

etymology       finds me fascinated                  words inside            of themselves                   might be mundane              however,                a detailed                      practice study                should be encouraged             a shiny word read               appears to be robust                                   and illuminated                  on the surface      nevertheless,                    houses roots              whichContinue reading “void of any restitution”

Happy Anniversary RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore!

       On March 24, 2020 my friend Tony Moore set out to stream shows via Facebook live as a means to entertain the world from the dreaded impending devastation of the pandemic that has claimed numerous lives.  Everyone was so freaked out as no one knew what was going to happen next, with thatContinue reading “Happy Anniversary RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore!”

iLOtalks : EDITION 1 – Empath-y

This morning I was scrolling through my socials; and read the post below on Singer/Songwriter iLO\’s Facebook page. This is a post that everyone should read — as it clearly illustrates the importance of self care and love for human beings who sacrifice bits of who they are to make others happy.  An extremely valid lessonContinue reading “iLOtalks : EDITION 1 – Empath-y”

Bride of Frankenstein

Ache accompanies    curiosity throughout        moments where death   stalked around each             forbidden pathway          Future uncertainties          occupy a desolate mind               which had succumbed                    to the years of intolerance              a fifty-millimeter screw attached                  to the salvation of a hammer drill          utilized to make a pin hole             Continue reading “Bride of Frankenstein”

I am NOT my monster!

* Potential trigger warning.  This is a dedication to all the sexual abuse survivors who fight everyday against hurting other humans in the manner they’ve been hurt. I\’ve included this beautiful Fractal Fairy by Teja Krašek; to remind you of the beauty of individual hearts and sincere victories — that exists with in this reality!  I amContinue reading “I am NOT my monster!”