Episode 4, with Psychology Professor, Dr. Milan Jelenic

If I am to be completely honest one of my favourite aspects of Cemented Ink are the various dialogues, well honestly rabbit holes that I am afforded by my eclectic guests.  This conversation with Dr. Milan Jelenic, will take you once again down another abyss of various subjects from: post-secondary education, the brilliance and criticalContinue reading “Episode 4, with Psychology Professor, Dr. Milan Jelenic”

Episode 3, with Punk Poet Scott Laudati

As I mentioned during this coversation with my friend Punk Poet, Scott Laudati, this podcast has literally taken eight years to finally come to fruition. I learned of Scott’s work in 2014 when I was asked to review his poetry book the OG Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair, for The Punk Archive, a bookContinue reading “Episode 3, with Punk Poet Scott Laudati”

Cemented Ink, Episode 2, Happiness is overrated with Luke Young

I have been following Poet/Bartender Luke Young since his first appearance on Instagram; his writing is sacredly honest to me. You will soon be exposed to the roller coaster ride of our conversation which goes from: poetry, Cambodia, shrunken heads, Canopic Jars, Vegas, and breast milk. Plenty of eclectic juxtaposition. Hokum (Las Vegas, NV) FilteredContinue reading “Cemented Ink, Episode 2, Happiness is overrated with Luke Young”

Only one granule from the hourglass, and a billion from Luna’s night sky

I began to read Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance within the first few pages I notice the subject of ‘time’ To contemplate a profound present with such intensity every 20 seconds compound energy upon compound energy upon compound energy About the amount of output & thought I place into thorns They are prettyContinue reading “Only one granule from the hourglass, and a billion from Luna’s night sky”

Cemented Ink, Episode 1 with Mary Bruno

I am so over the moon to share my first episode of Cemented Ink with the Founder of Bruno Press, Mary Bruno; we discussed numerous subjects throughout this podcast which I have referenced for you below to follow along. Also, kindly note in the middle of this interview to honour the release of Tony Moore’sContinue reading “Cemented Ink, Episode 1 with Mary Bruno”


On March 9, 2021, I was invited to my friend Twisty’s Zoom Birthday party, I call her Twisty as her name is Sarah Twist and a KICK ASS contortionist and sword swallower. That was the first time I had laid eyes and fallen in love with the PHENOMENAL work of Infinity Circus founder Carly Dann.Continue reading “HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY INFINITY CIRCUS!”

It’s time for a little Let Your Heart Begin To Sing By Tony Moore

My friend Tony Moore has been inspiring me with his independent music for years now. Tony has a way of writing songs that cut through all of the garbage of life, to distill the most PHENOMENAL messages woven into his pieces. I’ve always classified myself as EXTREMELY fortunate to receive these incredible recordings even beforeContinue reading “It’s time for a little Let Your Heart Begin To Sing By Tony Moore”

To be seen and appreciated for who you are, which I do!

I have the capacity to be quite difficult waterworks flow threw me, an echoed purpose reinvigorates my forked pathway individuals set to inspire fuel a desire to be whole lackadaisical languishing perceptions diminished in a universe that has opened oubliettes forever set aflame eternity has waited enough longingly to show the manifestation of one ofContinue reading “To be seen and appreciated for who you are, which I do!”

No triskaidekaphobia here on Friday the 13th only, Unreasonable Woman by April Rose Gabrielli

It has been a while since I posted a review of some sort, so I thought today would be as good a day as any other.  Well, I would say more of an introduction than proper review, which will be forthcoming once I have really been able to marinate on these PHENOMENAL TRACKS! Plus, whenContinue reading “No triskaidekaphobia here on Friday the 13th only, Unreasonable Woman by April Rose Gabrielli”

In between sheets of paper

Think of quiet moments silent explosions and wonder how it would feel to be inside a dying star breathe and gaze a supernova concealed soul about to BURST The vibrant hues alone it would be beautiful an organic definition of MAGNIFICENCE A stifled life relinquishes everythingfingers feel the slightly bumpy textured parchment It desires toContinue reading “In between sheets of paper”

Meet our newest scribe, Luke Young

For those of you who are regulars on CCIQ Press; you may have noticed a revamping of the Meet the Team page. Every single writer, artist, photographer as part of my collective have been handpicked by me; that being said yesterday offered with it — all sorts of magic. I reached out to Luke YoungContinue reading “Meet our newest scribe, Luke Young”

5 eyes + 300 Teeth + 32 brains = leech idiocy

i have little to no tolerance      for human beings who basically          engulf all of the planets elegance                for their own gain        you know — human leeches        exist for the purpose           to pillageContinue reading “5 eyes + 300 Teeth + 32 brains = leech idiocy”

Waiting in Phnom Penh By Luke Young

On March 1st of 2022, Laughing Ronin Press is releasing a collection of my poetry titled Waiting in Phnom Penh. Many of the poems in that collection are about the unique ways life hits you, sometimes with brutal and unpleasant force and at other times with joyous surprise or at least chaotic fascination. Hindsight canContinue reading “Waiting in Phnom Penh By Luke Young”

Are there some subjects, writers should NEVER scribe?

I don’t know if writers should Swedish Berries ever restrict their expressions regardless of subject — are there indeed certain issues where a freshly dipped peacock’s quill tip should never be utilized to moisten a piece of rice parchment with recently harvest black squid ink? “Bloody hell! My love. I’m sorry can you please passContinue reading “Are there some subjects, writers should NEVER scribe?”

anatomical vs a mathematical imprint

ever notice unless there is a stencil at times it can be quite tedious to sketch the perfect heart with flourished fantastical curves structure of comprehension as related to its purpose with or without we would be gone because human enigmas are able to feel warmth can be found in places that are least expectedContinue reading “anatomical vs a mathematical imprint”

Select your words very carefully with me…

Some words uttered from your breath I eagerly seek the actual etymology and source certain things have been said over the years savage and blissful in origin a profound love that brews for a twin flame who fought to remain by your side. Who found true value in you when you felt you couldn’t findContinue reading “Select your words very carefully with me…”

Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds

Conceptualised earth shadow riddled caverns inside unquestionable ocean depths consider for a moment the direction taken by the strata in the deepest portion of liquid clarity one that rivals the endless azure is the comparison required to comprehend harmony an internal core fused within itself one could measure the physiology of the human form areContinue reading “Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds”