weather labyrinth & kindness

summer inside of winterwinter twists into fallspring lapses into summerforever blanketed by all heat brings forth a desirefor something with a littlebit of christmas joyin the month of july it\’s not only the weatherbut if holiday jubilationand compassion towardsour fellow man insteadof despicable idiosyncraticcharacteristics couldsurface — that wouldbe more delightfulthan my peppermintbark bar becauseat thatContinue reading “weather labyrinth & kindness”

um, what’s this?

even as an adult my toes still curl at the thought of insects i don’t discriminate either — creepy crawlies are indeedquite beautiful nevertheless still slightly horrific i’d watched a television show in the early 90’s where a student gave their famished principal candy coated insects i thought it was a joke — i meanContinue reading “um, what’s this?”

embroidery floss or giant gumballs?

obviouslyat one junctureor another in the fieldof retail — inventorywill play the most ridiculousgame of peek-a-booyou’ve everattempted my first jobat cullen country barnsincluded tedious itemizationwhere fingers were certainlynot enough to countthe hooks of embroideryfloss — which linedthe wallsin thousands at one pointthat display lookedlike a flattenedsnuffleupaguswith rainbowdyed fur — beforeall hues wereaccountedfor now, comparethat with aContinue reading “embroidery floss or giant gumballs?”

candied grapefruit peel

my teita* was a very broken and hard aged palestinian woman i don’t hold it against her Candied Grapefruit Peel Photo credit: A Happy Food  Dance   war & death could lead the least brittle mind to snap but — feel she could have done a few things differently   nevertheless at this juncture thatContinue reading “candied grapefruit peel”

milk, dark & white

flavours don’t say fuck you — i hate you because of your colour   they speak a little chocolate because they know of nothing with regards to hue of origin   their knowledge is tempered, carved & melted   similar to some humans who do not tolerate hate crimes against those of different — whateverContinue reading “milk, dark & white”

telex sent… recipe no longer available overseas…

breaking news the world was incensed last year when cadbury changed the fondant recipe for their creme eggs cadbury cream egg  i know seems like such a first world problem — nevertheless some treated it as though world war III had erupted globally i\’m partial to adversity as it fundamentally allows us to genuinely growContinue reading “telex sent… recipe no longer available overseas…”


not nearly half intelligent as one would contemplate broken brainstems exasperate situations with no business of cultivated fruition images speak in volumes as well as phrases awkward emotions glare at the prospect of humility hypocritical piety reigns errors one should perceive in lieu of ignorance perhaps another chalice of falsified soda might make one feel better?  

caramel filled or bitter?

  what are you doing? a comparison between apples & oranges then for whimsy a handful of figs tossed into the mix — seriously? palettes, at times i’m certain radiate delight as to what delectable is selected — as their next treat: sweet, bitter or otherwise. one year for christmas Photograph Credit, Purdy\’s, Himalayan PinkContinue reading “caramel filled or bitter?”

psychotic insanity that goes with it…

i genuinely appreciated swiss delights in the country of their origin — my mother used to always say  “des goûts et des couleurs, on ne dispute pas” which translates to tastes and colours we do not dispute nevertheless this one time i found myself opening my mouth in utter disgust someone had the nerve —Continue reading “psychotic insanity that goes with it…”

jovial frustration

no one ever enjoys celebrations fruitella steeped in darkness i suppose that isn’t the way to resign oneself nevertheless without pitch crevices we’d not have the knowledge of what a pure inner light can radiate when properly exposed if one could relate depression to sweets i would say fruitella not only induces mania but alsoContinue reading “jovial frustration”

gobstopper, suture or knuckle sandwich?

i can’t be silenced & always feel the desire to endlessly mega bruiser, sweet factory engage   constantly — throughout dialogues it’s imperative the last word uttered be issued by me   however when my lips are to remain adorned with zig zag stitched arrows   emotions not only marinate in the presence of silenceContinue reading “gobstopper, suture or knuckle sandwich?”

National Day For Truth & Reconciliation

Anyone who follows CCIQ Press knows that we are supporters and allies of the First Nations Tribes of Turtle Island. I am not going to write a long article discussing how important Truth and Reconciliation is to the First Nations, instead I am going to post my poem with a bunch of links where supportContinue reading “National Day For Truth & Reconciliation”


bubble brains airheads photo credit, candy warehouse nimble minds desperate hearts shattered spirit gain control not only over action but thought too where do you fit in? do you follow  at the drop of the snake  that just devoured the elephant? or dare to toss your personal chapeau — riddled with embellishments and slight nuancesContinue reading “airheads”

I wonder what it feels like to disintegrate and metamorphosis with a feather-coloured cape…

Isolde: If I just simultaneously combust and disappear from existence will anyone notice? Aislinn:  Of course, people would notice Isolde: I don’t think so. I think people would say that they would notice, are completely obtuse to my absence. Especially if radio silence is exhibited first Aislinn: Okay! Isolde: I mean think about it forContinue reading “I wonder what it feels like to disintegrate and metamorphosis with a feather-coloured cape…”


let it course through your veins laffy taffy photo credit, candy warehouse electrons stream plasma flows to induce giggles that\’s right the concealed journey of blood houses architectural structures that are founded upon the premise that jokes don’t only provide laughter but that these little taunts provoke in essence thought to become better than weContinue reading “cackle”

thumbs and hearts

i grew up in a time where we had no touch screen anything — even better we had to stick our fingers in little number holes when we wanted to ring someone on our telephones we’ve come a long way baby — touch screens that at times could put two people who converse on aContinue reading “thumbs and hearts”

cow tail soup?

“double, double toil and trouble;  fire burn, and caldron bubble” i found this ancient cast ironcaldron that had been set to pasture by the side of an abandoned barn — the symbol at the front & back of this vessel compelled me to pick it up and place it in the trunk of my aqua-blueContinue reading “cow tail soup?”