From Cathartic To Demonic…

Maestro: Why are you incessantly focused on verbalised graphic imagery? Alumna: Pure release of catharsis. A pacifist at heart, however when anger ensues there is a desperate ache to take all of that pain. Maestro: You realise this could lead to a disjoined perspective; one to potentially perpetuate anger worthy of constant global explosions. Alumna:Continue reading “From Cathartic To Demonic…”

Paragons: Id, Ego, and Superego All Agree!

I reside in a myriad of different realms each one of them offers an authentic enmeshed story of connection and appreciation of the unique poised positions of thought one is consumed with lush bones of language steeped in poetry – where lines bend the candytuft with their delicate piped petals where murmurs occur among everlastingContinue reading “Paragons: Id, Ego, and Superego All Agree!”

Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds

Conceptualised earth shadow riddled caverns inside unquestionable ocean depths consider for a moment the direction taken by the strata in the deepest portion of liquid clarity one that rivals the endless azure is the comparison required to comprehend harmony an internal core fused within itself one could measure the physiology of the human form areContinue reading “Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds”

Abnormal — in the best possible way!

Throughout my life, the myriad of moments I would introduce someone to my parents, the majority of the time a “hello” would be accompanied with “you’re responsible for spawning this?!” While a finger mysteriously pointed in my direction. One thing about myself, I completely know — I don’t have a normal bone in my body.Continue reading “Abnormal — in the best possible way!”

Ballet points adorned with spikes

Femininity used to mean long pencil skirts, fitted argyle sweaters, hands constantly adorned with elbow length crushed velvet gloves, a perfectly knotted scarf, and either a pair of Mary-Jane, Oxfords, or those elegant pair I used to love as a child – closed toe stiletto heels with an elegant centimetre thick ribbon to wrap aroundContinue reading “Ballet points adorned with spikes”

Kindness throughout the holidays!

The phenomenal and talented Aura aka Laura Westcott was gracious in allowing me to post this little clip of not only a poem but, also impactful vocals that distill the importance of kindness. Perspective has to be one of the greatest gifts humanity is afforded; to be able to understand the extreme opposites that resideContinue reading “Kindness throughout the holidays!”


Barkeep: Hi what can I get you? Cendra: Mmm, not sure what looks good for tonight? Barkeep: What’s your typical poison? Cendra: Banana daiquiri, with a double shot of rum — usually. However, I am not certain, I keep thinking about my time in Hawaii & Europe. Barkeep: Umm, what does that have to doContinue reading “Pff; are you mad? THERE IS NO BOURBON IN A JAMES BOND MARTINI!!!”

No more visible breath in the frigid air

Recollections of tormented memories numerous humans placed on extinction to preserve the sanity What happens when we place ourselves on extinction when the laughter & smiles denote the absence of joy when trepidation & release are forced to battle A covert force propels the amplification of life What of those who’ve lost resilience When aContinue reading “No more visible breath in the frigid air”

Presenting: La Vie Events 1st Annual Christmas Market

Thank you to the phenomenal La Vie Events for furnishing me with information on their first EVER Christmas market. Please click on the vendor image to be transported to socials. We will be inside of OBJX Studio alongside some incredible local vendors, sipping on a specialty beverage from our seasonal bar and enjoying some live music!Continue reading “Presenting: La Vie Events 1st Annual Christmas Market”

Prior to the cluster f*ck that was COVID19, AIDS reigned!

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, decades later I am still impacted by these deaths! This is not another sappy poem as to the myriad of humans I’ve lost to this horrible illness I thought instead I would tell you a little bit about them… Nick, my mentor was one of the most open-minded individuals I’dContinue reading “Prior to the cluster f*ck that was COVID19, AIDS reigned!”

Part I: Arousal From Words

There is no grand Area 51 secret the majority of Freud’s postulated juxtaposition steeped in tender and bodily contact dependent upon severity Sophie, adopted at the very tender age of three days old abandoned at the local grocery store concealed in a fruit basket Sophie was left after closing asleep in the produce section abandonedContinue reading “Part I: Arousal From Words”

Follow-up, to the follow-up of the original interview with Punk Poet Scott Laudati!

I have every single book published by Scott Laudati the, first two that basically began my obsession with his work were Hawaiian Shirts In The Electric Chair, and Play The Devil. My first introduction to Scott’s poetry had been during a time when I was writing reviews for the UK Punk blog, The Punk Archive.Continue reading “Follow-up, to the follow-up of the original interview with Punk Poet Scott Laudati!”

“(you know I’ll let you do whatever you like)”

Ego: “Listen, we have to work togetherin concert if, you want us to survive.” Id: “Don’t be a moron! You should just grantme permission to take over. Would you not wantto live out every single desire falling at your feet? Superego: “Ego, you need to seriously shutthe **** up! Do you know whatthat would doContinue reading ““(you know I’ll let you do whatever you like)””

insert and turn ¾ of the way counter-clockwise

When humans use the phrase “unlock your mind” a reference is being made to an experience with the aid of a synthetic or organic psychedelic or just illumination there is no capacity too impacted even the deepest crevice will level up to enter the light regardless of pitch riddled venues — an equal amount ofContinue reading “insert and turn ¾ of the way counter-clockwise”

Intellectual Submission!

a significant dreamy qualityto life survives if optics are furnishedwith intellectual enchantment bones hold the secret to destinyplasma is the liquid sanguine is there a distinct possibilitythat amour genuinelyis the force that propels our earthsynchronicity exists which genuinely holds not only onebut a myriad of skeleton keyswilful ignorance postulateswithin itself the ideologythat a blind eyeContinue reading “Intellectual Submission!”

My thoughts on The Rebirth! 🦋

With a desire to be heard we continued to do and act accordingly, because we’re always told that actions speak louder than words, and it’s true. With years prepping an idea, and months putting it together the actions spoke loudly on Thursday, October 21st as La Vie Events and She. joined forces to create theContinue reading “My thoughts on The Rebirth! 🦋”

isn’t that sacrilegious?

father ramsperger:         “body of christ.”   marguerite:         “amen.” hmm, there’s something a little off about this host should probably ask my teacher… marguerite:         “excuse me miss kyer        these do not taste like        hosts — normally do?”  Continue reading “isn’t that sacrilegious?”