fall during times of torment; rise when peace isolates solace

my fall down the rabbit hole
has forced me to come visage to visage
with humans that have solidified

my inner core with the gift of acceptance
each human being on this earth
has a melange of not only horrific tales

also ones that are riddled with a purification
process of our own trial by fire
we don’t only have this one life

throughout the course of our lives
we can sport many suits
some are fashionable from siren’s

others are for scientific purposes
or artists whose uniform consists
of ripped jean shorts and a favourite t-shirt

other’s incorporate feathers and beads
it is all about perspective and comprehension
culture speaks volumes on deaf ears

as does injustice and not being able
to understand the fundamental
premise steeped in humanity

negates any permanent growth
to all of you who are the underdogs
who understand that enchantment

is not enough to pursue dreams
who require a tangible face of verity
who know that their greater destiny

will surpass all of life’s naysayers
to the dream & killers of joy
i wish you every succession your life

however, it will not be true success
unless you stop in attempt to murder
the dreams of others

a single voice houses the power
to manifest a puddle of delicate tears

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