Broken Candies Anthology!

Initiative with DRCC

Broken Candies Anthology is a partnership between CCIQ Press Founder, Rania M M Watts, and the Durham Rape Crisis Centre. All the proceeds from Broken Candies Anthology will go directly to DRCC.  The purpose of this anthology is not only to raise much needed funds for DRCC but; also to ignite the flame regarding violence against women within our contemporary culture. The mission of this anthology is to empower women for women; anyone who identifies as a woman is invited to submit; in addition, to allies of all genders!

Broken Candies Anthology submissions are officially open; to participate please send an original body of work. This includes; poetry, essay, prose, article, or a short story — the theme for this book is strength and resilience. The only limitation is the word count, it must be within 1200-1500 for an article, essay, one novel chapter or short story; poetry or lyrical submissions are to be within in 150-750 words.  Moreover, Artists are also encouraged to apply with their elemental visual artisanal expression, which is open to; painting, photography (please note photography of statues or 3D structures are also welcome), or drawings. Moreover, please include a micro bio in between 100-150 words.

All submissions can be emailed to – writers who have been accepted will receive an email one month prior to the release.  Submissions close August 1st, looking for a late fall 2021 release. Broken Candies Anthology is happy to extend the deadline for submissions until Dec 1, 2021.

Please note Broken Candies Anthology’s PHENOMENAL cover; designed by CCIQ Press Resident Artist Valisa Bernardino. 

Broken Anthologies Team

Broken Candies’ foreword to be written by DRCC Community Development & Volunteer Coordinator, Emma Conner:

Emma Conner is a graduate from Trent University with a degree in Anthropology and Gender Studies. She has been working in the non-profit sector supporting her community for over ten years. Specializing in volunteer management, communications and community development within a feminist setting, Emma aims to make an impact with her work. She is a passionate advocate for advancing the rights of women and all oppressed peoples. In other parts of her life she’s an aspiring writer of fiction and poetry, a very amateur photographer and usually has music playing. 

Broken Candies Anthology, Literary Editor; Artemis Skye McNeil:  

Artemis Skye McNeil is an author, motivational speaker, and poet. Her platform is bridging the gap between inspirational words and daily affirmations for personal growth and development without anxiety. Ari\’s love of words started at a young age. Growing up in a bilingual home, she enjoyed conversations with her father on the breakdown and etymology of words in both English and Greek. Her love of writing stemmed from the third grade through her schooling years and has been writing professionally since 2013. She enjoys public speaking and book signings. She loves meeting and having great conversations and connections with her audience. She is currently residing in Atlanta with her husband, & birds: Seinfeld McNugget a.k.a. The Nug, Snowball, and Chickpea. She is currently working on her third, fourth, and fifth books.   Artemis Skye McNeil is a lifetime member of the Atlanta Writer’s Club; a member of the Georgia Writers Association.

Broken Candies Anthology, Art Editor; Valisa Bernardino: 

Valisa’s art is of a lowbrow style, featuring subjects that are predominantly feminine. Her artistic themes range from macabre, mystical, and sexually metaphorical. She finds her inspiration in a variety of both people (mainly other artists and writers) and locations. However, most of her pieces are self-reflective and are heavily influenced by her mood or state of mind. Currently, Valisa shares her art via social media and has been featured on various curated artist pages. Her illustrations can be seen on the covers of Rania M. Watts’ books Accordions and Moustaches, Summer to Summer Rewind, and Cement Covered Ink Quills and Rarities, as well as, the Horror Anthology, Twisted, published by Manic Raven Press. Her poetry has been featured in multiple issues of Cult Magazine.   

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