Why is it that unbuttoned and folded shirt sleeve cuffs look WICKED when an instrument is being played?

as a vocal student in secondary school 
     i was constantly around tunes  
         it was a whimsical experience 
             to walk on that stage 
                  in all black, with a rocker 
                      silver studded belt 
                   for that extra shine 
                       during the performance 

    have you ever noticed the hands 
      or wrists of a musician 
         as they manipulate the notes 
             strings or drum skins 

   a large poet cuff sleeve is my absolute 
      favourite; pair that with hands 
         that flourish with the aid 
             of a fabric that seems 
                to move in unison 
                   with notes touched
             or plucked strings 

   music in itself houses a tremendous 
      amount of emotion — one that rules 
        beyond any pain that could 
           ever be made present 
                on this earth 

   as humans we should constantly 
       immerse ourselves in the availability 
            of a fantasy land — brought 
                 to fruition through 
                     a third eye 

           which begs for passion…        

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