5 eyes + 300 Teeth + 32 brains = leech idiocy

i have little to no tolerance 

    for human beings who basically 
        engulf all of the planets elegance 
              for their own gain 
    you know — human leeches 
      exist for the purpose 
         to pillage & destroy 
       it’s quite bile riddled 
   these creatures truly desire 
to be amongst those who demolish
  i on the other hand conceptualise 
    the potential annihilation of these ugly
       beings — especially if a consistent
           yearn to dismantle anything 
                pure and good  
  the truth of that matter 
     land, air, or earth creatures 
        must embrace a system 
            which allows for simbiosis 
   i can not illustrate enough
     although some may despise 
         others and vice versa
   it honestly doesn’t mean 
that is the predestined course 
  for all the universe’s inhabitants  
       to persist an ache towards
             high levels of hatred 
     hmm i wonder if a cockroach 
  could devour a leech? one moment 
while i google — ok, found a really 
   gross video with a bunch 
        of cockroaches and their fulfilled 
             appetites on a leech 
                   although towards the end
                         the leech still exhibited 
      to ravage all of the worlds 
          grotesque corners 
              and leave nothing 
         is truly 

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