It’s not just the difference in the varnish colour on the big toe

Yada yada, even if you stick your toe in the same spot geographically, you’re still stepping into a different stream than from before Remarkable how individuals are formed and molded based on experience of which part of a foot entered a stream physicality highlights a optic perspective — the water wears on the ensconced A…

Heart Shaped Noose + Break My Teeth + My Insecticide + Lunar + Brittle + Ocean + Ghost Stories + Tough Luck + Halloween + Typing… = Cemented Ink! Episode 12 with Awakening Autumn

I will be the first person to admit, that when it comes to the passage of time and a desire to wait for something riddles me with a high amount of burnable energy — until my query has been responded to. What I am discussing of course is my incessant need and desire to want…


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EIC & Founder of CCIQ Press, Rania M. M. Watts is not your garden variety human cut-out; scribing poetry since the age of 13 when the written word for her held the inception of healing vibes she still carries with her today. Rania has forged a path steeped in consistent trial by fire. As a poet, she houses the capacity to explore the darkest of subjects, while offering constant hope woven throughout her work. Rania is the curator of the ‘Roach Print Anthology’. All profits from this collection are donated towards global mental health initiatives. Rania has been published by the 48th Street Press Broadside Series; and Open Minds Quarterly’s special classroom edition, which is utilised to educate both college and high school students on mental health issues. Aside from her mental health advocacy, she has also utilised her talents to write for two UK based music blogs: The Punk Archive and Music Gateway, where music reviews and blog articles were the focus of her articles.

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