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The Un of a Myriad of Mundane, Electrifying, and Tethered Things

What kind of anvil has to fall how many tests MUST be laid for humans to literally wake the f@ck up? People willfully ignore what is right in front of them so intentionally — when inward views appear TOO PASSIONATE TOO INTENSE & TOO RESILIENT One rock everyone bashes themselves onto, the question“What am IContinue reading “The Un of a Myriad of Mundane, Electrifying, and Tethered Things”

Merlin’s Mushrooms

Merlin’s presence as a panicle Wizard, throughout the centuries has housed a reputation throughout fantastical words created to inspire and teach what happens when Merlin crumbles in a picosecond in the manner of a worthless woman — his one true mate Nimueh Reckless doesn’t persist frustration peaks; hope is snuffed completely, poof, nonexistent every singleContinue reading “Merlin’s Mushrooms”


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EIC & Founder of CCIQ Press, Rania M. M. Watts is the curator of the ‘Roach Print Anthology’, where all the funds go towards global mental health initiatives. Rania has been published by the 48th Street Press Broadside Series, and the Open Minds Quarterly special classroom edition; which is utilised to educate both college and high school students on mental health issues, a topic Rania finds to be extremely important. Aside from her mental health advocacy, she has also utilised her talents to write for two UK based music blogs: The Punk Archive, and Music Gateway.

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