Meet our newest scribe, Luke Young

For those of you who are regulars on CCIQ Press; you may have noticed a revamping of the Meet the Team page. Every single writer, artist, photographer as part of my collective have been handpicked by me; that being said yesterday offered with it -- all sorts of magic. I reached out to Luke Young aka @ragealien on Instagram and asked if he would like to be one of my Quill Fated Scribes, I experienced an overpour of joy when he said “yes”.  

I am a human who believes in universal signs and let me tell you I got one, on the same day that I asked Luke to join my team I received his latest chapbook with @laughingroninpress Waiting in Phnom Penh. One should note, things typically do not arrive here quickly in the mail from international destinations. Can anyone say SERENDIPITY? I read a few pieces, the quality of Luke’s work is as always: profound, unwavering, and very human.  A lot of writers do not allow the human aspect of their work to speak for themselves; with Luke the emotion ALWAYS come through.  

I know that is a long way to say, Luke welcome to the team we are delighted to have you with us! 

Rania M M Watts, EIC, CCIQ Press 

Luke Young is a writer, bibliophile, proletarian, bartender, amateur bird enthusiast, and factotum. He is of mixed Indigenous and old colonial European American heritage. He grew up among Southeast Asian war refugees in the states of Washington and California before moving to Cambodia where he lived for the majority of the next seventeen years. He moved back to the United States in the autumn of 2017 with his wife and four children. *Photo credit Luke Young

“Much of life is a struggle but finding kindred souls among fellow creatives gives one hope for a different kind of world. As I poet I’m intensely solitary but in that solitude, I still look at the creative voices and physical artwork of others for inspiration.”

Luke Young

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