Black, White, Yellow or Cerulean?

I wrote this piece about Adrian Piper back in 2014; it makes me tremendously angry to see what is happening to the BIPOC community. The subject of racial inequality and inequity is one that still rages in flames in our contemporary world…. Really wish I could have known for certain what Adrian was thinking whenContinue reading “Black, White, Yellow or Cerulean?”

“doubt” as an entity is GNAB! (BANG out of order!)

I’ve been afforded the opportunity to have a plethora of conversations with women lately; with regards to a current crisis of self-confidence. Why is it the most exceptionally kind individuals always feel a low level of esteem? This past year I learned that I am relentless, and as many times as I have wanted toContinue reading ““doubt” as an entity is GNAB! (BANG out of order!)”