It’s time for a little Let Your Heart Begin To Sing By Tony Moore

My friend Tony Moore has been inspiring me with his independent music for years now. Tony has a way of writing songs that cut through all of the garbage of life, to distill the most PHENOMENAL messages woven into his pieces. I’ve always classified myself as EXTREMELY fortunate to receive these incredible recordings even beforeContinue reading “It’s time for a little Let Your Heart Begin To Sing By Tony Moore”

Meet our newest scribe, Luke Young

For those of you who are regulars on CCIQ Press; you may have noticed a revamping of the Meet the Team page. Every single writer, artist, photographer as part of my collective have been handpicked by me; that being said yesterday offered with it — all sorts of magic. I reached out to Luke YoungContinue reading “Meet our newest scribe, Luke Young”

Waiting in Phnom Penh By Luke Young

On March 1st of 2022, Laughing Ronin Press is releasing a collection of my poetry titled Waiting in Phnom Penh. Many of the poems in that collection are about the unique ways life hits you, sometimes with brutal and unpleasant force and at other times with joyous surprise or at least chaotic fascination. Hindsight canContinue reading “Waiting in Phnom Penh By Luke Young”

DC Book Store Service

When I attended Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, (soon to be renamed) and Centennial College my experience with book purchases were completely different than my current one. In both locations I would walk through endless towers of stacks; I remember the aroma of all the next text books — they smelt like literal heaven. I definately haveContinue reading “DC Book Store Service”

Black, White, Yellow or Cerulean?

I wrote this piece about Adrian Piper back in 2014; it makes me tremendously angry to see what is happening to the BIPOC community. The subject of racial inequality and inequity is one that still rages in flames in our contemporary world…. Really wish I could have known for certain what Adrian was thinking whenContinue reading “Black, White, Yellow or Cerulean?”

“doubt” as an entity is GNAB! (BANG out of order!)

I’ve been afforded the opportunity to have a plethora of conversations with women lately; with regards to a current crisis of self-confidence. Why is it the most exceptionally kind individuals always feel a low level of esteem? This past year I learned that I am relentless, and as many times as I have wanted toContinue reading ““doubt” as an entity is GNAB! (BANG out of order!)”