take it or leave it…

here it is take it don’t take it i don’t care i don’t give a rats a** anymore a gift given from the gods who broke my brain in the same instance feel the demise that enriches your soiled blood with nutrients so evocative it rises  with it — a passionate grandeur inside of aContinue reading “take it or leave it…”

the darker side…

i’ve never been tequila pop photo credit, candywarehouse athletically inclined to the point that i’d nearly flunked physical education in secondary school — i can certainly appreciate the endurance and versatility it takes to be able to compete at an olympic level but what happens to an olympian’s essence when they falter? when athletes areContinue reading “the darker side…”

pff, sometimes we should leave the what if’s alone

there are times when i wonder what i my life would have looked like — if i decided to keep on the social service worker path — would i be dying for a payday that was built upon listening to the misery of others? or   would i feel so gratified by helping others —Continue reading “pff, sometimes we should leave the what if’s alone”

stolen or paid for?

perhaps one could survive on delectable stuffed liquorice creams liquorice creams? there are certain existences like that of jean valjean where the need certainly outweighs the want tragedy imposes upon those who are impoverished — who yearn for a hunger so poignant — it seems one could live on air alone sans nutrition use it…Continue reading “stolen or paid for?”

hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?

i know it probably sounds weird to associate candy with music nevertheless salt water taffy  i have absolutely no choice at this juncture today i selected salt water taffy and when i start to think of the soft chewy and ever flavourful confection i’m reminded   of   promises made throughout my youth   brokenContinue reading “hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?”

“careless whisper” and a broken heart

you know those stupid little christmas dances where girls start to enjoy the company of boys and vice versa? a friend of mine was completely head over heals for this guy — well — as much — as one grade 8 could comprehend — one four letter word that can metamorphosis over the years toContinue reading ““careless whisper” and a broken heart”