Follow up interview with Candy Queen Nicci Sevier-Vuyk!

You want to hear something comical, part of my self care strategy is watching Nicci Sevier-Vuyk mix a myriad of colours to establish one specific hue used in my favourite paintings designed by her — the candy totems of course. I really enjoy Nicci\’s work as she is constantly challenging herself with various types of paintingsContinue reading “Follow up interview with Candy Queen Nicci Sevier-Vuyk!”


the slight nuisances that accompanyour livesin the abyssof pure unadulteratedknowledgefrom oursurrounding skiesearth, water& firea fight that knocksanyone back in time— a trance will alwaysbe the preferred methodof travel througha weary mindregardlessof painorconsequentialmoments— like perhapsthe time your bestfriend had completelydecided to transformyour prom nightinto carrie\’syou survivedyour happiness is nowyour ultimate revengebut true happinessdoesn\’t housea circumferencenear revenge…becauseContinue reading “in/consequential”

Follow up interview with Really Serious Literature Barracuda Guarisco!

I was so proud when Barracuda Guarisco; Really Serious Literature founder decided to publish my Candy Maze as a disappearing chapbook.  The amount of work that Barracuda has brought to the masses via his endless initiatives speaks volumes as to the human being he is.  Barracuda is honestly such a fun person to interview, not onlyContinue reading “Follow up interview with Really Serious Literature Barracuda Guarisco!”

insane intellectual drops

freshly planted breeze allow me to wallow in your mushroom capped shade — contours which twist poised with purpose to elaborate upon your fine haired stem aware of the nothingness immersed in delicate china cups — the commotion of freedom and denial of being held captive realities basis doesn\’t require a premise which functions asContinue reading “insane intellectual drops”

If Wonder Woman was a fairy living in the enchanted forest…

Diana had been indeed formed     and birthed with the presence        of clay and fire     What was kept out of the origin        story, is that her wings were forged            with the aid of simultaneous               spun sugar and goldContinue reading “If Wonder Woman was a fairy living in the enchanted forest…”

what does gore mean to you?

a bunch of dismembered bodies? stitching someone\’s mouth to someone else\’s body parts, candy warehouse sphincter to create an ultimate digestive system? or perhaps reading about the historical rhythmic beating of one\’s hidden heart — concealed behind the beautiful brick work? or maybe my favourite definition of where the potential for goar to exist reallyContinue reading “what does gore mean to you?”

I am revolution…

The ultimate romantic aspect our of eclectic lives; I believe to be incredibly elementary and intimate relationship we have with ourselves.  Through my journeys in: Wonderland, The Labyrinth, Narnia, Oz and of course anything and everything penned by the original Fairy God Father’s: The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson; I relished each perilous journey,Continue reading “I am revolution…”

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Funny thing, my life experiences always seem to travel back to lessons learned in comic books.  What does this have to do with congratulating the class of 2021 you say? I\’ll tell you.  DC comics has always been my favourite; that being said it was comical this week when my husband stated to me \”of courseContinue reading “Congratulations Class of 2021!”

thump, thump, thumper

have you ever met a human being        who housed characteristics from your favourite               children’s fairy-tale?     grateful for an afforded imagination           that resides in a place to see the beauty                  of certain individuals         thumper is one of the kindest              most wholesome characters                     with distinguished features            who houses the abilityContinue reading “thump, thump, thumper”


freaky stares  from across the hall green infused light amber specks eyes that beg to be close eyes that yearn for lashes with long appendages to hold you near it\’s the optics that consume in the pitch night can\’t you taste it in the air it is a flavour similar to sweet honeysuckle patchouli