siren song

 fingers strike an onyx electric 
   fender squier john 5 telecaster     
     that yearns to have its strings bent 

         listen, it is there the sound 
             that drifts with an immense 
                   pressure and releases 

              into an unaware abyss
          that requires additional 
      research to be able to decipher 
   the purpose of journey pathways 
and the genesis of a new direction
   a rewired brain that is relentless
      that purges itself of any evil 
         or bitterness that lingers 
             for proof of life 

    the seed which annihilates 
 its core in order to bloom 
  a slice from a spiked whip
     to permit the sprout 
         to reach into 

            the great mother\’s earth
        toes that squish the wet moss 
           as the entire realm 
               of the evergreen forest 
                   comes to life beneath 
                       the feet of an unaware
                   human that stands 
               on the same terrain 
          as their ancestors 

            unaware of the battlecry 
                 that must be brought 
                     to fortified fruition
                          with the presence 
                             of  each descendant           

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