Happy Birthday MK!

One of the best things about being the Founder of CCIQ Press is that I am able to acknowledge the birthday\’s of my Quill Fated Scribes.  MK McWilliams is not only one of the kindest people you will meet she is also a tremendous writer who strives to make this world a better place; not only for her friends and family but also for the greater good of this world. If you\’ve not yet read Stereospace by MK I suggest you check it out here!

Wishing you a wonderful and inspirational MK! ❤

Much Love, 

Ran x 

MK is a life-long lover of words and creator of imaginary worlds. She writes poetry, fiction, and essays, exploring themes such as mental health and the human experience. Her debut poetry collection, Stereospace, was published in February 2020 by Pine Peak Press. She has also authored three limited edition chapbooks: Technicolor Mind, Ode, and Jagged People, which was released worldwide in digital form in December 2020. MK lives in New Jersey with her young daughter and their demon corgi.

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