Original art work by CCIQ Press Resident Artist Valisa Bernardino

I wonder 
  if the chain makers 
  that their perfectly 
      banged out connected
   and curved links 
        would be utilised 
  to capture and assist 
     with the destruction 
        of a body of people
  who did nothing wrong

     their crime – an existence 
         in a skin tone that depicts 
            criminality based on a judgement
        that houses no truth in essence 

         broken bodies
             shattered souls 
                  generations battle 
           a destiny that desires 
               a shift in the world 
                    of true emancipation 

     defined by Black humans 
 being able to walk when & wherever 
   the hell they want 
        absent of fear 
             during the light 
                   of day 

   where cast shadows 
        are guardians 
                   of those who 
          have encased a resilient 
             spirit – the ability 
                   to endure 

              a vibrant torch
                      illuminates the way 
                  a tomorrow
                        riddle with 

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