if you had no ink or parchment….

i know
        it might be odd
                 to find a correlation
                           between the marquis de sade
            & a painting
           i found one
                  as a young teen
                       i would always jest
         i could utilize anything
                   to write with
                            pencil crayon
               during the film quills
                     the marquis was furnished
           with both ink & parchment
as a result of being too controversial
         punishment stole all tools
                   i don’t think society comprehends
            if a writer’s tools are taken
              THEY WILL ALWAYS
                                         FIND A WAY
             the marquis used his own blood
          and excrement to form letters
                on the walls of his cell
       i can’t imagine if anyone
               were to take away all my journals
                            or gel pens as they make me feel
               as though my fingers are engaged
                        in a figure eight as the gel bleeds
                      onto the paper
                                      better than going
                inside a dark oubliette
                                        that forgot
                                you ever

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