Château Lafite Rothschild 1895

Decades ago,
        while on a family
                    trip to California
            I was introduced
                      to my first truly lush
              & expensive

bottle of wine. 
I wasn’t
        a connoisseur.
My best friend
             and I were resigned
                          to coolers like Barracuda,
              a fad beverage
          quick entrance stage right
 & exit stage left.
I honestly, wasn’t
              aware of the caliber
     of a Lafite,
                  let alone
                          a hundred year
                old bottle.
    The fancy wine opener
                 pierced the degraded cork
                                         crumbs had fallen
             into the boldly tinted bottle.    
  Once, the cork
              had been emancipated
                  it was strained and funneled
          back into the bottle. 
I wish I’d asked
          to take that bottle
                 home with me.
To this day
           it’s one
              of the few reds
       I’ve relished
before I could
          even appreciate
     the quality.
      of where you are
                   in life, absorb
                          into your essence
          the illumination
of being truly present.
                         If you blink,
                                     you might miss
                    something you’ll grow
           to genuinely

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