caramel filled or bitter?

what are you doing?
a comparison between
apples & oranges
then for whimsy
a handful of figs
tossed into
the mix
— seriously?
palettes, at times
i’m certain radiate
delight as to what delectable
is selected — as their next
treat: sweet, bitter
or otherwise.
one year for christmas
chocolates — i’d ever ravaged
in my life from my teita *
a salted caramel
& agave milk chocolate
truffle with sea salt sprinkled
a top — can i tell you how glee
riddled my tongue was?!
although, my thought
process is quite liberal
— my first reaction at the sight
of six or seven well adorned
freckles on my confection
was not too favourable — i’d
thought perhaps the chocolatier
had been driven 
that would rival 
camille claudel’s 
Photo credit, Lindt
one quality
of craziness
at times is pure
mind you
chocolate has the potential
to force us to do strange
things — especially the ninety
percent cocoa lindt tablet…
my emotion towards
this bitter delicacy has never changed
however, i hold numerous fond recollections
of my teita before she passed
— how she\’d always sneak
that extra square
piece of bitter
from the hidden tin
in the top drawer
of my parental units
antique buffet drawer
— when she\’d thought no
one could see her
“stealth mode”
one time
she even placed
her index finger
vertically across her lips
with an ever slight
*teita, grandmother in arabic  

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