BIPOC Explored Week III

First Nation’s history in Canada does not paint of picture of equity; it is one that infused pure blood into all the rivers of Turtle Island and every single treaty broken. Treaties like the Two Row Wampum Gä•sweñta’ which established that the First Nations and the early European settlers came to an understanding that eachContinue reading “BIPOC Explored Week III”

BIPOC Explored Week II

The REDress Project was established as a direct result of the missing or murdered Indigenous women of Canada. This installation is one that has travelled throughout North America to showcase and add visibility to the Indigenous women who’ve had their lives terminated before their time. The reason that these dresses are placed in very openContinue reading “BIPOC Explored Week II”

BIPOC Explored Week I

As a placement student at the Durham Rape Crisis Centre; I am afforded certain opportunities that I genuinely want to take advantage of. Our world houses a myriad of subjects with relation to women that I would relish a poetic study of; BIPOC women more specifically, and enough content for a layer cake extended latterContinue reading “BIPOC Explored Week I”

take it or leave it…

here it is take it don’t take it i don’t care i don’t give a rats a** anymore a gift given from the gods who broke my brain in the same instance feel the demise that enriches your soiled blood with nutrients so evocative it rises  with it — a passionate grandeur inside of aContinue reading “take it or leave it…”

Time to get your writing muscle going; pre Carnaval de Poésie

I thought it might be fun to have one pre Carnaval de Poésie friendly competition before the serious event begins on Monday August 2, 2021. And, I have a special prizes for the winner not only will you win a Spoken Verse prize by our 4th week judge Tony Moore from his concept album Awake,Continue reading “Time to get your writing muscle going; pre Carnaval de Poésie”

the darker side…

i’ve never been tequila pop photo credit, candywarehouse athletically inclined to the point that i’d nearly flunked physical education in secondary school — i can certainly appreciate the endurance and versatility it takes to be able to compete at an olympic level but what happens to an olympian’s essence when they falter? when athletes areContinue reading “the darker side…”

pff, sometimes we should leave the what if’s alone

there are times when i wonder what i my life would have looked like — if i decided to keep on the social service worker path — would i be dying for a payday that was built upon listening to the misery of others? or   would i feel so gratified by helping others —Continue reading “pff, sometimes we should leave the what if’s alone”

stolen or paid for?

perhaps one could survive on delectable stuffed liquorice creams liquorice creams? there are certain existences like that of jean valjean where the need certainly outweighs the want tragedy imposes upon those who are impoverished — who yearn for a hunger so poignant — it seems one could live on air alone sans nutrition use it…Continue reading “stolen or paid for?”

Interview With Exotic Beauty Chrys Columbine

Over the last month I’ve asked Chrys Columbine a series of questions via Instagram about her life and career; now I’ve harvested all her responses and am ready to post our full interview.  Chrys is a creature that exbibits beauty from all angles, who genuinely cares about the state of the earth and harnessing asContinue reading “Interview With Exotic Beauty Chrys Columbine”

toasted pink coconut + marshmallow + chocolate cake + cream = snoballs

a toxic nexus amplifies echoes from the days of old entrenched in demise i suppose some individuals enjoy the prosecution of their own destruction exceptional moments declined with vacant unaware stares who reject any happiness obliterated lies — design flaws inside of one’s intimate architectural being


nerds jocks pretty little frocks jokers nerds poke innocent flesh definitely un/warned pressed cookie cutter personalities fair poorly — perhaps judgement should be deemed as ignorance’s jealous cousin and set out to not only dry but petrify in a manner that encourages positive prosperity

read all about it; dull sheen conceals…

do you ever contemplate the graphics that gingerly hold a tube of polo fruit treats in place? while jammed polo fruit in sync head to toe similar to a can of sardines stuck together in their tin before being devoured ok lol i can’t believe i just compared candy to a can of tiny fishContinue reading “read all about it; dull sheen conceals…”

“life is brutal, so throw some f*cking glitter at it.”

who are you? who are you really?bile riddled human excrement evil intentions and broken bonds brutal isn\’t it? that level of ugly comes at a price a calloused human desperate for desire ​ who are you? who are you really? ensconces passion a heart braver than any warrior passed through hallowed earth! dig! dig. dig.Continue reading ““life is brutal, so throw some f*cking glitter at it.””

hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?

i know it probably sounds weird to associate candy with music nevertheless salt water taffy  i have absolutely no choice at this juncture today i selected salt water taffy and when i start to think of the soft chewy and ever flavourful confection i’m reminded   of   promises made throughout my youth   brokenContinue reading “hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?”

Who is the best version of you?

When you go through your whole life and are referred to as stupid and ugly it propels your essence into a tailspin of EPIC proportions, similar to a Beowulf perilous tale. There are humans that have been placed on this earth to do NOTHING but decimate. Philosophies of prosperity occur when resolution speaks and decidesContinue reading “Who is the best version of you?”

“careless whisper” and a broken heart

you know those stupid little christmas dances where girls start to enjoy the company of boys and vice versa? a friend of mine was completely head over heals for this guy — well — as much — as one grade 8 could comprehend — one four letter word that can metamorphosis over the years toContinue reading ““careless whisper” and a broken heart”

flake or story teller?

we all have to proclivity to selectively transform our mundane lives into unusual dr. seuss scenes — from horton hearing a who to a journey that not only goes through vast lands that can be reached on our feet and others by wings on our feet — seems insane — powerful imaginations don’t fluster aContinue reading “flake or story teller?”