Where will your parade post be? 
   Will you be the one outfitted 
            in the front vibrant with golden buttons
     that reflect your aura in the sunlight, 
            one who lingers toward the middle
                   or the derelict end   
   methodologies to compare and contrast 
         are excellent tools however not against others 
                 not it you want to be deliciously blissful 
             in life – a path is just that – point of reference 
       for a journey that is not responsible 
               for others to reside for you 

    humanity is riddled with beings 
         from the poorest corners 
  to the wealthiest rabbit holes 
        and oubliettes in between 

     it is of no consequence who excels 
              and who does not 
                         it sounds so cliché 
           “be the best you, 
                          you can be!”

                    there in lies the verity… 
       world count according to 
            Worldometer global population
                     is 7, 895, 242, 055 and on the rise 
                       each and every millisecond 
                   if you force your core 
              that is 7, 895, 242, 177 (now updated) 
            who some would view as a threat 

      not me 
          for once in my life 
              I am EXACTLY 
             where I want to be 

              some will be better, 
                   others will be worse 

             speculation enhances nothing 
                 but the ugly decrepit wolf 
      My lived truth was always steeped 
                 in anything but silence
                      if you look closely 
          you will see the puncture marks 
                    around my lips 

                DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES 
                     THEY WERE STITCHED TOGETHER? 
                        I would take scissors
                   cut off all the stitches 
                          only to have a not so 
                       peaceful transition 

           first thread was used 
                         that was so simple to clip
               dissatisfaction ensued and the crypt keeper 
      decided a more reinforced embroidery floss 
           would be suitable – those were also removed 
                  fairly easily – with safety scissors I might add
                          the transition enhanced renewed 
                 fortification every time 
                     I tried to snip my way 
                          to oral freedom  
                                  I think the last time 
                        before the barbed wire was used 
                                   silver reared its unbreakable 
                             power – I managed to finally escape 
                                     when I took the last small flake 
                                   of the bard from my consistently 
                                            sealed lips 

                       wounded lips once black and blue 
                                lack of care in the form of band-aids
                                            or ointment 

                                  beautiful scars 
                                manifests an ocean of once curdled 
                                        dreams, made possible 
                                                with tenacity

* Poet's note, this piece was written while listening to Welcome To The Black Parade By My Chemical Romance            

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