embroidery floss or giant gumballs?

at one juncture
or another in the field
of retail — inventory
will play the most ridiculous
game of peek-a-boo
you’ve ever

my first job
at cullen country barns
included tedious itemization
where fingers were certainly
not enough to count
the hooks of embroidery
floss — which lined
the walls
in thousands
at one point
that display looked
like a flattened
with rainbow
dyed fur — before
all hues were

now, compare
that with a room —
more light giant basement
filled with everything
a sugar addict
could ever want
— tally board in hand
to ensure EVERYTHING
is accounted
for — is much more fun

even the time
i had to clean
up all the gumballs
that fell on floor
from a hole bitten
by a mouse
that wanted to blow

it was mr. jingles
who’d recently
escaped the green
mile — i’d heard
he floated away
into our atmosphere
with nothing
but a large
florescent pink
from his 
tiny mouth…

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