Take Back The Night

Sexual violence against women has been fostering an environment that induces anxiety, fear, in addition to bravery and advocacy. This evening DRCC will be hosting a Take Back The Night event to promote the very profound impact of sexual violence as it pertains to women. I will be reading three of my poems from my forth coming book with Melaris In Print Broken Candy, and discussing the importance of Broken Candies Anthology which is accepting submissions until December 1st, 2021. All are welcome to attend.

Singer/songwriter Elizabeth Roberts wrote a very compelling piece with regards to a recent occurrence of sexual violence that she witness to as a secondary victim. No names have been provided to maintain the anonymity of the individuals involved. Thank you Lizzie for sharing something so personal on a public platform. CCIQ Press, holds space for you!

Rania M M Watts, EIC CCIQ Press

Why stalking laws MUST be changed By Elizabeth Roberts

I knew her from afar, I knew her but not to meet in the street and hold a solid conversation. It was a smile, a wave, or hello. To be honest, most people in our community knew her. She was always smiling. Pretty outspoken actually, always busy with work , her horse , friends and family, making a difference in the community in lots of ways. Helping in church, on the board for local galas , a member of several horse related associations. Living life, doing good and rightfully enjoying all she was part of. She lead a parade at Disneyland Paris. Singing and dancing. Modelled for companies in London. She worked for a local company as well as doing other part time jobs to pay for the upkeep of her horse and her horsey world. She had been taught these valuable ethics during her upbringing. Then one day, a man who wanted to claim her (but couldn’t) decided that if he couldn’t have her, nobody could. He had been following her and stalking her for nearly a year. The police were aware and didn’t do anything to prevent his next step. No restraining order and no forensics to look at weapons found near to where she was every morning tending her horse. Six weeks later he struck. Taking her life with a knife wound to her neck, then shortly after taking his own life too. 23 years old !!! With a lifetime of memories still to make. This should not have happened !! This could have been prevented. There is clear and present danger from a stalker. The laws are far too lenient and don’t protect the victim sufficiently. We need to change this for the lives of others who could find themselves in a situation like this.

My dream was always to be onstage. I studied dance growing up and moved to Italy to achieve my dream in 1986. I worked as a backing dancer and singer, going on to record music of my own as well as writing for other artists. I took a break in 1998 from all of my showbiz ventures due to illness. Due to joint damage I no longer dance, however I continue to write lyrics for various artists and I occasionally write poetry and the odd article too.

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