Which bait do you prefer; wiggly worms or stardust?

A very close kindred named Archimedes has an affinity for water and not being able to properly breathe unless in the presence of H2O bodies I’m not unfamiliar with that emotion as I am paralyzed except when near the air Let me clarify not air near the earth but inside of the mesmerizing strata whereContinue reading “Which bait do you prefer; wiggly worms or stardust?”

this lamb will not follow others to slaughter!

popularity is dangerous people grab whatever scraps they can find it’s tragic really that level of popularity does not solidify the true essence some see popularity as a stepping stone not exactly knight in shining armor material some genuinely want to be an ally with every fiber of their being for the greater truth popularityContinue reading “this lamb will not follow others to slaughter!”

blood is not thicker than water!

just because       you were born into a family             doesn’t necessarily      mean you belong            there blood ties,           don’t keep                    anyone fastened    our earth       affords us               our ohana i gather my sisters       before the harvest moon               for a moment of appreciationContinue reading “blood is not thicker than water!”

in between AWAKE & ASLEEP – i LIVE!

humanity walks in between two modes alert & comatose – throughout those moments battles & wars are lost children are born and die some adults carry the mantle to battle of the wo/men who came before insomnia strikes the clock over stupidity – maneuver through a world that knows nothing wheatgrass cries crimson plasma whichContinue reading “in between AWAKE & ASLEEP – i LIVE!”