Contents Of The Cerebral Cortex!

 I wonder if one could vomit    their grey matter?      All logistics associated with a relentless mind   solidifies in a manner      conducive to the metamorphosis        to place Kafka’s to shame Why does one’s transformation    always focus on the onyx pitch?   Can we not evolve  Continue reading “Contents Of The Cerebral Cortex!”

come on, you know you are guilty…

one of my favourite things to do when i receive a package of liquorice allsorts is to basically empty them out into a large bowl and pick my pleasures — although, i enjoy all of the sorts — i always find myself attacking the ones with the blue and pink candy sprinkles first what aboutContinue reading “come on, you know you are guilty…”

plump, pencil or wax?

don’t you ever wish that your lips wax lips were removable and edible? that way during times of extreme self doubt & trepidation you’d be able to extract & digest your own pie hole once your thoughts have been completely diluted back to a normal core — at that time & only that time willContinue reading “plump, pencil or wax?”


when you’re the least liked by no fault of your own — you’d think it would popeye chews sour you completely over the prospect of friendship it really doesn’t — simply forces you to realise depth of specialized focus not everyone is established to walk a path ravaged not only with thistles but mirth someContinue reading “un/favoured”


clouds outstretch their arms inside of an unaware strata our universe in a state of constant and swift expansion molecular structures which house human attributes our cores are indeed constructed with the same organic materials that\’s in stardust — imagine — right now for one moment the acknowledgement that time turns upon and inside ofContinue reading “proliferate”

chocolate covered coffee beans; time to blow the ceiling…

my first year of secondary school i met a neurotic individual who was completely obsessed with chocolate dark chocolate covered coffee beans  covered coffee beans three at a time — throughout a stressful exam session at that point i still had no idea what coffee tasted like — the aroma itself smelled pungent — iContinue reading “chocolate covered coffee beans; time to blow the ceiling…”

from where?

forget knocked down from heaven to hell — how about one who remains nestled inside of an oubliette fashioned black bart liquorice gum by the kings of purgatory secluded singular silver cobwebs adorn an aged portal unaware of travellers close proximity to a place where memories soar on the plumage of humanities bile & disgustContinue reading “from where?”

“make a change”

i used to feel that life was trite and inconsequential a gift not worth any gratitude whatsoever self destruction was almost imminent can you imagine a dark riddled with an authentic onyx hue that never seems to dissipate a charcoal cloud that weighs the heart’s tempest there’s no secret to living — just live andContinue reading ““make a change””

micro, macro, wine-gums?

micro poem microfiche microcosm — copperfield disappears with bearded ladies wine gums taunt a tongue into submission what of the flavours that are detested? they’ve met their saccharine end in a dust bin — riddled with discarded black wine gums tossed from last nights package — not by moi 

…full or empty?

unwanted tears drip from an unassumed visage — eager for the future to arrive in a timely fashion needless to say — time transpires its many paths in one culminated journey — similar to that of golden liquid caramel that seems to flow in any direction — it is able — can you image beingContinue reading “…full or empty?”

summer’s last gasp

when i think of summer one of the first things that comes marshmallow cones to mind — are not just long and lazy days but also moments to basque in the freedom of being able to wake at a slightly later time — clearly not tethered to a specific schedule — moments where giggles reignContinue reading “summer’s last gasp”

can you see my onyx soles?

if james and his giant peach can fly — so can my bubblicious balloon mind you it’s no ordinary flying contraption — nothing fancy no steam-punk flyers built with massive cogs no large fabric floating oubliette in the sky all i have is this half package of gum let’s see if i can blow aContinue reading “can you see my onyx soles?”

dark heart

​everybody has a dark side ​ingrained inside of their soul ​a place which allows the writer ​t​o create not only gruesome phrases  ​b​ut horrors beyond compare ​i​t was said that poe had a sickness ​h​is versification speaks of hearts which start to beat stronger than a  ​t​aiko drum from ​japan ​e​ven from beyond a grave


Please note Week X brings with some changes. I started this BIPOC Women’s Exploration with Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw Founder of Intersectionality; that being said I am altering my project to be not only a permanent fixture of CCIQ Press but also one that will include anything and everything BIPOC. Once again, I began to thinkContinue reading “BIPOC EXPLORED! Week X”


For an open-minded individual there are a myriad of possible ways to not only educate ourselves but all society through first understanding the impact that the Residential Schools housed with regards to intergenerational trauma, cultural genocide, and forced assimilation. The Residential School system being a catalyst for First Nations trauma experienced as a method ofContinue reading “BIPOC EXPLORED! Week IX”

2nd last chance, before trash…

peddle your priceless garbage infested trinkets to those with low brow fantastical fancies garbage candy perhaps one with a crude heart may be exposed to subjects that coat the inner blanket of global antiquities with layered golden treats only a carefully crafted eye can curate rummage your soul discover your possessions funny thing, the firstContinue reading “2nd last chance, before trash…”

You can stop skulking; this is the poem you’ve been looking for!

Decades of internal war ends now with the banishment of your being from my life You desired that I crumble and ensured I had the knowledge that I will never be a good enough human being Tortured souls, should never utilise their plight to cause harm to others Pain should never be revealed as aContinue reading “You can stop skulking; this is the poem you’ve been looking for!”

ode to caramel

ok, so, right nowwhat i wantfor you to dowhile readingthis poemis to contemplate all of the sensationaldesserts and unwhich use caramelsauce as a base caramelon it’s ownis pretty simpleto make — althoughit takes one thingmany do not havemuch of — time! neverthelessimagine if you willthe largest and deepestwell — which no longerfreely flows water —Continue reading “ode to caramel”


a newly planted breeze adheres its velcro like arms to all the debris of endless subterfuge friendless enemies gather over golden hued treats & a prized aged — tea stained parchment a packed snack of goobers sustains an adventures desire for something adequate enough — for the purpose of endless discovery on a ship toContinue reading “goonies”

take it or leave it…

here it is take it don’t take it i don’t care i don’t give a rats a** anymore a gift given from the gods who broke my brain in the same instance feel the demise that enriches your soiled blood with nutrients so evocative it rises  with it — a passionate grandeur inside of aContinue reading “take it or leave it…”