Why does it have to be a piece of my heart? Why not brain or liver or hand?

I have often wondered if emotion and cognition come from the same part of the human body i.e. being the human brain Why is it that people don’t say I’ll take a piece of your brain with me wherever I go? When people say I’ll take a piece of your heart with me wherever IContinue reading “Why does it have to be a piece of my heart? Why not brain or liver or hand?”

It’s not just the difference in the varnish colour on the big toe

Yada yada, even if you stick your toe in the same spot geographically, you’re still stepping into a different stream than from before Remarkable how individuals are formed and molded based on experience of which part of a foot entered a stream physicality highlights a optic perspective — the water wears on the ensconced AContinue reading “It’s not just the difference in the varnish colour on the big toe”

What’s revealed in your Turkish coffee grounds?

Folklore from the days of old would specify the gift of sight energy that collides onto itselfeven when the reality of truth not only written in the coffee grounds enmeshed inside of someone’s soul serendipity bestows her gifts upon the world in a manner we should never be taken for grantedOblivious individuals unable to seeContinue reading “What’s revealed in your Turkish coffee grounds?”

From the most intimate part of my frontal lobe

As International Poetry Month comes to an end, I was thinking about my writing style and how my reviews don’t read like others. That was the moment I realised my world’s, I have worked so hard to keep apart CRASHED into each other. Pieces of myself scattered all over in a fashion that is conduciveContinue reading “From the most intimate part of my frontal lobe”

What happens when you break the heart of a poet?

Morsels of silver lined soul flesh perfect to devour a potential to level up pain brings with it a new lens endurance, resilience, and just enough fear to keep one brave Poets are creatures, chimeras really we can envision worlds in picoseconds and comprehend balance sadness renders, not in the capacity one would contemplate knotsContinue reading “What happens when you break the heart of a poet?”


I have chirped endlessly of Val’s artistic genius, and believe me when I tell you this is not me being kind at all. With each drawing inception by Val, I am more and more convinced that I would love a little apartment in her imaginarium. What she produces, is beyond fantastical, Val has the capacityContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PHENOMENAL RESIDENT ARTIST, VALISA BERNARDINO”

6 Book Cover Reveal by Rania M M Watts for Publication on March 31, 2023 with Melaris In Print

I am overjoyed to announce that I will be releasing 6 books on March 31, 2023, 3 new book releases and 3 second edition printings with Melaris In Print, Writer’s Quill. The new offerings which include Trajectory, a poetry book that explores being pushed to the limit in the truest comprehension of one’s personal understandingContinue reading “6 Book Cover Reveal by Rania M M Watts for Publication on March 31, 2023 with Melaris In Print”

Emotion: NOT for the Faint of Heart

Threatened by a small creature whose heart is the size of the universe physically strong men full of machismo not a pound of soul if it had been Shylock a pound of soul is more drastic than flesh and bone Individuals follow a yellow brick road of denial residual annoyance of indifference avoidance of loveContinue reading “Emotion: NOT for the Faint of Heart”

I don’t need to be brought into the light; I am the light

Perception vs reality a bunch of garbage spouted from the mouths of individuals who are clueless to the point a brain might be improved from a bunch of bricksupon the top of the head Don’t get me wrong I genuinely comprehend the breakdown of how acquired brain injury impacts the mind from the moment aContinue reading “I don’t need to be brought into the light; I am the light”

An open letter to those who think/feel (both interchangeable to each other) regret & reflection are superfluous

Marinated thought soup with three handful of letters placed inside a slowly bubbly broth the aroma of finely minced garlic wafts through the small industrious kitchen it’s slowly replaced with the putrid odour of thought corpses on fire these are the pinnacle ones which cause damage to the psyche. Regret does not serve it’s purposeContinue reading “An open letter to those who think/feel (both interchangeable to each other) regret & reflection are superfluous”

An unexpected focused glance of affection

Optics offer an intense gaze eerie when caught thoughts permeate in one’s mind absent of knowledge in quiet corners — warmth of green optics invite adventure Excitement furnishes covert intentions the woman at the counter cannot see the man two tables away from her as the loose strands from the back of her neck moveContinue reading “An unexpected focused glance of affection”

Desperado, I do NOT think so!

Rejection does not elicit rosey emotions growls surface from the bowels of one’s spirit — utter cowardice revealed in the truest intent it’s not toxic masculinity a shared story by a random woman: “he was willing to fuck my body; yet, never allow me to truly love him.” I often ponder what kind of humanContinue reading “Desperado, I do NOT think so!”

The Un of a Myriad of Mundane, Electrifying, and Tethered Things

What kind of anvil has to fall how many tests MUST be laid for humans to literally wake the f@ck up? People willfully ignore what is right in front of them so intentionally — when inward views appear TOO PASSIONATE TOO INTENSE & TOO RESILIENT One rock everyone bashes themselves onto, the question“What am IContinue reading “The Un of a Myriad of Mundane, Electrifying, and Tethered Things”

Emotions escape their guilded oubliette

Furnished with love completely unaware the well was poisoned an undoing brought from the most intense fear and trepidation Humans are indeed fractured reject the psychic bond for something physical and cheap Hmm, a little shaded illumination lined with darkness trajectories bounce from wave length to wave length Perhaps some tapestry tethers should not beContinue reading “Emotions escape their guilded oubliette”

Merlin’s Mushrooms

Merlin’s presence as a panicle Wizard, throughout the centuries has housed a reputation throughout fantastical words created to inspire and teach what happens when Merlin crumbles in a picosecond in the manner of a worthless woman — his one true mate Nimueh Reckless doesn’t persist frustration peaks; hope is snuffed completely, poof, nonexistent every singleContinue reading “Merlin’s Mushrooms”

Palm vs Willow, and Banyan Explored

Annihilation, induces a verity of sorts, amidst an Enchanted Forest of various trees who offer within themselves, a specific level of foliage, in some instances, these bundles can be classified as familial units of MAGNIFICO Ohana. Some, chaos ensues, slice extract souls from their circle. One million reasons, sometimes it’s completely inconsequential; when the freshlyContinue reading “Palm vs Willow, and Banyan Explored”


I am relentlesswhen insecurity persists and hesitation proceeds a warmth ensnares my spirit no man will EVER possess My lips part, cognizant of my chest as inhales and exhales linger a force of nature universal alignment may have shifted for a picosecond Tethers are wonderful things knit interlocked boundaries with the flexibility to enlarge 200Continue reading “Woman”

Torture + Sweet + Verity = FUBAR

Paralyzed how is this possible each word typed looks significantly wrong Each unique thought concealed within itself tightly bound blooms before they unfold Words NEVER fail me a mind heavy complexities enhance the lifespan When the Archer pulls the string to release an arrow, to pierce a formidable accomplice Trajectories, are wonderful only able toContinue reading “Torture + Sweet + Verity = FUBAR”

You’re going to eat my iridescent soul, regurgitate it in a Koi fish tank, full consent will be granted; Um, I don’t think so!

This body sinks into a feather bed as my hands slide across my sides I can feel the textures of the soft lily pads holding me as they mold to the arch of my back one luscious lotus breaks through a mucky travel pathway into the sunlight and surrenders Epic solar flares welcome a proclivityContinue reading “You’re going to eat my iridescent soul, regurgitate it in a Koi fish tank, full consent will be granted; Um, I don’t think so!”

Memories From the Travel Journal of Luke Young

(Haida Gwaii – Near western British Columbia and the islands of Southeast Alaska) Heading northwards through the dense fogThe cigar exhale of a continentShields our ship from sightAs we barrel through icy watersTeeming with ocean lifeIn the realms below the bowline This summer, the summer of 2022, I traveled to southeast Alaska by ship withContinue reading “Memories From the Travel Journal of Luke Young”