To be seen and appreciated for who you are, which I do!

I have the capacity to be quite difficult waterworks flow threw me, an echoed purpose reinvigorates my forked pathway individuals set to inspire fuel a desire to be whole lackadaisical languishing perceptions diminished in a universe that has opened oubliettes forever set aflame eternity has waited enough longingly to show the manifestation of one ofContinue reading “To be seen and appreciated for who you are, which I do!”

In between sheets of paper

Think of quiet moments silent explosions and wonder how it would feel to be inside a dying star breathe and gaze a supernova concealed soul about to BURST The vibrant hues alone it would be beautiful an organic definition of MAGNIFICENCE A stifled life relinquishes everythingfingers feel the slightly bumpy textured parchment It desires toContinue reading “In between sheets of paper”

Are there some subjects, writers should NEVER scribe?

I don’t know if writers should Swedish Berries ever restrict their expressions regardless of subject — are there indeed certain issues where a freshly dipped peacock’s quill tip should never be utilized to moisten a piece of rice parchment with recently harvest black squid ink? “Bloody hell! My love. I’m sorry can you please passContinue reading “Are there some subjects, writers should NEVER scribe?”

Select your words very carefully with me…

Some words uttered from your breath I eagerly seek the actual etymology and source certain things have been said over the years savage and blissful in origin a profound love that brews for a twin flame who fought to remain by your side. Who found true value in you when you felt you couldn’t findContinue reading “Select your words very carefully with me…”

Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds

Conceptualised earth shadow riddled caverns inside unquestionable ocean depths consider for a moment the direction taken by the strata in the deepest portion of liquid clarity one that rivals the endless azure is the comparison required to comprehend harmony an internal core fused within itself one could measure the physiology of the human form areContinue reading “Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds”


Barkeep: Hi what can I get you? Cendra: Mmm, not sure what looks good for tonight? Barkeep: What’s your typical poison? Cendra: Banana daiquiri, with a double shot of rum — usually. However, I am not certain, I keep thinking about my time in Hawaii & Europe. Barkeep: Umm, what does that have to doContinue reading “Pff; are you mad? THERE IS NO BOURBON IN A JAMES BOND MARTINI!!!”

No more visible breath in the frigid air

Recollections of tormented memories numerous humans placed on extinction to preserve the sanity What happens when we place ourselves on extinction when the laughter & smiles denote the absence of joy when trepidation & release are forced to battle A covert force propels the amplification of life What of those who’ve lost resilience When aContinue reading “No more visible breath in the frigid air”

Prior to the cluster f*ck that was COVID19, AIDS reigned!

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, decades later I am still impacted by these deaths! This is not another sappy poem as to the myriad of humans I’ve lost to this horrible illness I thought instead I would tell you a little bit about them… Nick, my mentor was one of the most open-minded individuals I’dContinue reading “Prior to the cluster f*ck that was COVID19, AIDS reigned!”

“(you know I’ll let you do whatever you like)”

Ego: “Listen, we have to work togetherin concert if, you want us to survive.” Id: “Don’t be a moron! You should just grantme permission to take over. Would you not wantto live out every single desire falling at your feet? Superego: “Ego, you need to seriously shutthe **** up! Do you know whatthat would doContinue reading ““(you know I’ll let you do whatever you like)””

insert and turn ¾ of the way counter-clockwise

When humans use the phrase “unlock your mind” a reference is being made to an experience with the aid of a synthetic or organic psychedelic or just illumination there is no capacity too impacted even the deepest crevice will level up to enter the light regardless of pitch riddled venues — an equal amount ofContinue reading “insert and turn ¾ of the way counter-clockwise”

Intellectual Submission!

a significant dreamy qualityto life survives if optics are furnishedwith intellectual enchantment bones hold the secret to destinyplasma is the liquid sanguine is there a distinct possibilitythat amour genuinelyis the force that propels our earthsynchronicity exists which genuinely holds not only onebut a myriad of skeleton keyswilful ignorance postulateswithin itself the ideologythat a blind eyeContinue reading “Intellectual Submission!”

isn’t that sacrilegious?

father ramsperger:         “body of christ.”   marguerite:         “amen.” hmm, there’s something a little off about this host should probably ask my teacher… marguerite:         “excuse me miss kyer        these do not taste like        hosts — normally do?”  Continue reading “isn’t that sacrilegious?”

Second hand pipe smoke & other things; stopped with the next generation…

I don’t care how horrible your life is right now? Liquorice Pipes Photo credit, Oldest Sweet Shop The operative words from   the sentence above are “right now.” Mental confines have not only weighed   down your physical entity but, also your inner most sacred sanctum.   Guilt is quite the devious emotion, especially sinceContinue reading “Second hand pipe smoke & other things; stopped with the next generation…”

“…They slumber open-eyed and bright Dolly keeps a secret Safer than a friend Dolly’s silent sympathy Lasts without end No rush of action This is our doom To live a long life out In a dark room…”

when privacy is not afforded one goes to extremes to guard the cipher of a convoluted cryptex which must never escape the pandora’s box carried in one’s cavity as observers inanimate objects distinguish a stoic secret unable to speak or even utilize non verbal skills to communicate simply sit as the stream of sunlight comes throughContinue reading ““…They slumber open-eyed and bright Dolly keeps a secret Safer than a friend Dolly’s silent sympathy Lasts without end No rush of action This is our doom To live a long life out In a dark room…””

weather labyrinth & kindness

summer inside of winterwinter twists into fallspring lapses into summerforever blanketed by all heat brings forth a desirefor something with a littlebit of christmas joyin the month of july it\’s not only the weatherbut if holiday jubilationand compassion towardsour fellow man insteadof despicable idiosyncraticcharacteristics couldsurface — that wouldbe more delightfulthan my peppermintbark bar becauseat thatContinue reading “weather labyrinth & kindness”

um, what’s this?

even as an adult my toes still curl at the thought of insects i don’t discriminate either — creepy crawlies are indeedquite beautiful nevertheless still slightly horrific i’d watched a television show in the early 90’s where a student gave their famished principal candy coated insects i thought it was a joke — i meanContinue reading “um, what’s this?”