The one true frog!

when you are young and lonely
    appreciation of acknowledgement 
        occurs — i hear so many young
           women in their late 20’s – early 30’s
                who desire companionship
                    on a level of equality 
                        i am here to tell
                          are you beautiful creatures 
                            don’t contemplate
                               on future ideologies 
            allow yourself for one moment 
          to fight for your goals in lieu 
        of a relationship — eventually 
      professional and personal 
   collide in a fashion that could 
distil genuine awe
      as women, we compare ourselves 
   constantly to society’s norms 
 we are not the mundane 
   we are exceptional 
      we desire a partner
        who induces adoration
           and encompasses 
               the true definition 
                  of partnership 
                       i am grateful 
                   i discovered my twin flame
               as an adult — had he come 
             into my life earlier — i don\’t think 
          i would’ve been able to fortify 
        and stabilize myself
     to understand the lush
   green & yellow flecks 
before me — the obligation
   to find one who would bloom
      with me — two f*cked up peas
           in one f*cked up pod  

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