National Day For Truth & Reconciliation

Anyone who follows CCIQ Press knows that we are supporters and allies of the First Nations Tribes of Turtle Island. I am not going to write a long article discussing how important Truth and Reconciliation is to the First Nations, instead I am going to post my poem with a bunch of links where support can be made to assist the infrastructures who are assisting First Nations communities across Canada. I just want to make one final note, this day is important to highlight all 365 days of the year -- the victims of residential schools deserve to have their lives honoured by constantly. 

Dark forces 

   Regardless of how hard you attempt to escape 
          cobwebs will always linger 
     in dusted corners ready to pounce 
to riddle emotions of insecurity  
          that perpetuate shame 
   by pitch forces, who deal in fear 
      nature always discovers a way 
          some of those entities are evil incarnate 
               they do not afford me any semblance
                      of peace 
          Forces who will try to take a large aura 
              and conceal it in a flimsy cardboard box 
                       regardless of what these forces do 
                            there is capacity for choice 
                   to allow the forces to obliterate 
                 or fight back in the name of valour 
    Evil manifests within moments 
          People of The Earth be vigilant 
               with regards to who and what 
                       is allowed into the domain 
                   toxic individuals offer the capacity 
             to manipulate negative consequence
                   onto their faux selves  
         even though they caused it in the first place 
              people have no bearing on boundaries 
     who immerse and marinate in a fashion
                  to make Narcissus proud 

         difficult decisions will not only cascade 
                 to impact not only from Wonderland 
                    but all the other realms in between 
                      there exists a place where humanity 
                    is good, compassionate, kind 
               where inconsiderate jealous toxic humans 
          have no business to darken said place 

Orange Shirt Day

Canada's Highway of Tears and the Women We Forgot: Rawiya Kameir

Carrier Sekani Family Services

Highway of Tears By Don Sabo

Project E-PANA

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