gobstopper, suture or knuckle sandwich?

i can’t
be silenced
& always
feel the desire
to endlessly
mega bruiser, sweet factory
— throughout
it’s imperative
the last word
be issued
by me
when my lips
are to remain
adorned with zig zag
stitched arrows
not only marinate
in the presence
of silence
— acid churns
inside a stomach
that would rather
have been restrained
with the aid
of a mega bruiser
in lieu of violence
or verbal abuse
we’re unable
to restrict illegitimate
anger directed as at us
ok, the majority
of the time
we can\’t control
who is or isn\’t
annoyed by our
all we have
is our soul
—  self preservation
is more important
than being brought
to mental injury
by a self loathing 
crypt keeper 

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