I wonder what it feels like to disintegrate and metamorphosis with a feather-coloured cape…

Isolde: If I just simultaneously combust and disappear from existence will anyone notice?

Aislinn:  Of course, people would notice

Isolde: I don’t think so. I think people would say that they would notice, are completely obtuse to my absence. Especially if radio silence is exhibited first

Aislinn: Okay!

Isolde: I mean think about it for a minute one moment I stand here and the next second poof. All my molecules spontaneously combust. Not even my clothes would remain they would vanish into a black mark on the floor.

Aislinn: There is ALWAYS another way?

Isolde: Not for me, I was meant for life, not of this world. There are limitations here that keep me beyond my capacity I want to be able to express the freedom is being ensconced with a silk cape.  I don’t know how much more a human is able to take.

Aislinn: You can endure a lot more than you think you can.

Isolde: You know what I want to do right now? Go back and focus on the PHENOMENAL expression of change.

Aislinn: How are you going to do that?

Isolde: Easy, metaphysical ability surpasses my human vessel, I don’t know if one can conceal themselves inside of operatic music notes, I desire to be a high note echoed from the vocals of Aura.  More specifically from MetaMorphosis – it elevates my spirit to another dimension. 

Aislinn: Why are you stopping, please continue.

Isolde: The origin of this performance I am discussing is steeped in awareness, perhaps the way I permitted my thoughts to dwindle is so inconceivably wrong.  Meander in the strength of a journey that manifests buckets of pain.  There is a sense of joy in self-annihilation to forge a better path. As humans, we are afforded many opportunities.

Aislinn: You are correct we are – which is why I was wondering why you want to disintegrate. 

Isolde: Perhaps I don’t, maybe I simply want to travel to a place that transcends earthly bounds – a little stardust would not hurt.  Don’t you think?  Close your eyes, time for the finale.  

*This poem is inspired by Aura’s MetaMorphosis

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