candied grapefruit peel

my teita*
was a very broken
and hard aged
palestinian woman
i don’t hold
it against
Candied Grapefruit Peel
Photo credit: A Happy Food  Dance
war & death
could lead
the least brittle
mind to snap
but — feel
she could have
done a few things
at this juncture
that is neither
here nor there
as she’d passed
a decade
when she’d prepare
treats for me
it was always —  certainly
a labour of love
found out, exactly
how tedious it is to make
candied grapefruit peel
just this week
i’d picked these massive
double d size grapefruits
from our local grocer
with the intent to make
these exotic confections
myself — delicious
but time consuming
beyond to the hilt
the grapefruit faired
to be quite delicious
i just could not wrap
my manic brain
around it
perhaps like robert frost
i will i keep the first
(thought) for

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