flick of the wrist!

 genesis of evolutionary 
      characters brings 
         with it an intense 

    what brought them to the tale end
       of a destination that is only the start
            as an apprentice 
       a tremendous desire 
          exists to prove 
             to those who are mentors
       the capacity for not only growth 
          marinated in comprehension 
              also the ability 
                  to contemplate

       the wonderful aspect 
         of being a student 
            is the process
       that allows for a thousand dishes  
          which move in unison 
              in the pattern of strung
                  music notes 

        in the soapy water, rinse, dry 
            place nicely on the shelf beside 
                chip himself 

          beats can be missed 
       mistakes can be made
         a dipped in cold water
           emotion renders 
               a sliced tongue 
                   to proceed forward

     however, life in itself 
        can be a frenetic mess
           the possibility 
               of one day

      being able to grasp the wand 
          with a confident…        

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