Know Your Place!

 I wouldn\’t classify 
     humans as inconsequential beings
          who exclusively self-serve 

     postulation of purpose
       is one that requires 
          an infinite amount 
              of chivalry 

         not for others 
      but for ourselves 
   there are levels 
      of sacrifice 
         that needs 
      to be maintained

        The Universe 
     is MASSIVE 
        humans are a force
          to be reckoned with 
     however, to fight 
       against the nourishment
          of the planet 
               is a futile 

    Vessels for authentic 
      truce exists — we are sentries
         brought to preserve 
              the validity 
                  of not only humanity 
             but also its\’ purpose 

    which is larger 
       than one micro entity 
          we reside and once again
                our shell submits
                    to the earth 

        Our spirit 
           to fly into knight\’s 
                official sky 

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