asphyxiated & sliced

 i received a beautiful ring
    that represents two arms 
        in an affectionate 

   i had no knowledge
    this finger ornament 
     was the direct
       result of a melted
          blade which was owned
      by the notorious 
 jack the ripper

  there was a society 
of jewellers who desired 
  to continue his mission 
     each one of his knives
  had been stolen post 

   an entire collection 
      of majestic pieces 
  disguised with a maniacal
     past — relished by all 
        as eclectic 
            micro masterpieces  

   no one warned 
      of the actions 
          one night, slumber 
      found me restless 

   i looked at my finger 
     my ring began a manifestation 
        process — the hold on my digit
     had disappeared and was now 
        around my neck 

             the squeeze 
       stifled the night\’s breeze 
         one of the fingers 
             on the mano sinistra
            — metamorphosed
                 into a blade 

        the cool tip began 
    to slice my first layer 
      of skin, as the metal 
         cut deeper and longer
            blood welcomed luna\’s
                delicate breath 

     my body now a butterfly 
         wings born from the skin
            of my stomach 
               and chest 

             in a shadow box
           a kept trophy 
        my demise
           and possessed 
               melted silver 

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