Follow up interview with Candy Queen Nicci Sevier-Vuyk!

You want to hear something comical, part of my self care strategy is watching Nicci Sevier-Vuyk mix a myriad of colours to establish one specific hue used in my favourite paintings designed by her — the candy totems of course. I really enjoy Nicci\’s work as she is constantly challenging herself with various types of paintings and design.  One never knows what they are going to receive, whether it be a flower, single Necco Waffer or a stack of my favourite licorice all sorts.  Nicci is definately not a one trick pony her vast repertoires speaks for itself — especially pertaining to the detail that Nicci always includes in any of her paintings or art pieces. If you missed my first interview with Nicci you can check it out here! 

RMMW: What kind of music do you listen to while you work? 

NSV: I listen to Bitter: Sweet and Pink Martini, but also Gorillaz and Boombox. I do love any music that make me want to move. Love dancing!!

RMMW: What do you want your audience to know most about your work?
NSV: I hope my work sparks a playful examination of the stereotypes surrounding beauty and appearance within our society. Conversation Hearts provide a wonderful example of this theme: attractive due to their appearance and nostalgia, but does their taste match this appeal? My work is a contemplation of the ironic tension that can exist between appearance and meaning.

RMMW: Do you create custom pieces on demand? If yes, how can you be contacted for commission pieces? 

NSV: I do love commission pieces, although I can only do a certain number each year. I can be contacted through my website and I have a special form that can be completed with the details of your request. I am also available by email at or through my social media channels Facebook or Instagram.  

RMMW: Unfortunately, COVID has in part annihilated indie arts.  I noticed it never stopped you and you kept creating.  What kept you going through this horrible time? 

NSV: Luckily my art studio is in my home and my work is primarily solitary, so quarantine was less of an issue for me than some. Still, I had personal difficulty with depression and at times had trouble staying focused on my work. However, once in the act of creation my attention is held there and time stops. Thus, I found creation to be a wonderful break from the stress of the pandemic. I think this has been an extremely difficult time for everyone and I hope that we can safely emerge for this pandemic soon.

RMMW: As you know, I find your mixing paint videos to be extremely soothing to watch.  What is the most number of colours that you\’ve blended together and what was it for? 

NSV: Hmmm…probably the mixing of a luscious black for shadows. You can create black to complement any painting or color palette by combining colors. For instance, mixing Phthalo Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow will create a beautiful black.

RMMW: Is there a candy totem that you\’ve been dying to create but have not as of yet? 

NSV: Actually, I am excited to try painting a jaw breaker, but as a single candy (not sure I have the skills to stack those). As a candy I find the jaw breaker very amusing. The name is wonderful! Yet how can one enjoy something that barely fits in the mouth? The taste is rather unimpressive. However, this candy has layers of beautiful color and a cachet of desirability that I have never understood. It’s kind of a candy that’s a dare and as such could make a wonderful painting!

RMMW: What do you feel is the biggest current challenge for artists as yourself? 

NSV: I feel that slowly our culture is adopting an acceptance of artwork as attainable for all. Anyone who is interested in art should feel that collecting art is within their reach. Collecting what we love and making our environments as pleasant as possible is not only for the wealthy. Start with a small piece of something that brings joy, because bringing joy into your world is always worthwhile.

RMMW: Is your favourite piece still from your Efflorescence: The Beauty of Imperfection Series? If no, what has taken its\’ place? 

NSV: It really is my favorite series and Unforeseen is my very favorite piece. This acrylic painting is 30” x 40” and has a complexity and form that mesmerizes me.

RMMW: If you found a genie that gave you three wishes for all of the world\’s independent artists what would you ask for? 

NSV: Oh…what a fun question!

Art is recognized as a valuable profession and is seen as adding to the rich texture of society. As such, the work produced by artist has significant value and artists make a living wage and can prosper.

Art and art appreciation is a necessary aspect of any child’s education.
Everyone sees themselves as a collector of art and curator of their surroundings and lives.

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