If Wonder Woman was a fairy living in the enchanted forest…

Diana had been indeed formed 
   and birthed with the presence 
      of clay and fire 

   What was kept out of the origin 
      story, is that her wings were forged  
         with the aid of simultaneous 
             spun sugar and gold leaf

Hippolyta knew of her daughter\’s 
   serendipity and thought that if fairy wings
       had to come into play that they would 
          be equally functional and sweet  

    Upon each genesis story
        there are meaningful nuances 
           we are born with 

     What you never realise
          is those we see in ourselves 
             confirm a destiny 
                of not only adversity
                 — there is an element 
            of resilience 

        Diana\’s comprehension 
            permitted a body that could 
         never be able to fly based on scientific 
              principles — was able to flourish 
                  with not only dragon fire 
                       in the belly 

          Foretold prophecies 
              unfold in a manner 
                   that allows for small doses 
               to be accepted 

                  If we knew 
             all we\’d have to endure 
                never would we be able 
                    to foster the adoration 
                          required for tenacity 
               to replace fear — conducive
                   strength of the coliseum
                       constructed in not only 
                              Themyscira, also 
                         in the enchanted forest 
                surrounded by the fairies 
                    where liquid courage
                         flows from every 
                           aqua source                  

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