Congratulations Class of 2021!

Funny thing, my life experiences always seem to travel back to lessons learned in comic books.  What does this have to do with congratulating the class of 2021 you say? I\’ll tell you.  DC comics has always been my favourite; that being said it was comical this week when my husband stated to me \”of course you would attend a college called DC!\” Well, my response to that is HELL YEAH! Obviously given current Covid circumstances graduation ceremonies have been cancelled yet another year in a row.  I wanted to do something to honour not only my fellow classmates in the Victim Justice and Interventions program at Durham College but the other programs who are celebrating the completion of a: diploma, degree, or graduate certificate.  

p.s. Digital cake designed by my good friend Teja Krašek


When we as human beings
    submit to the words \”oh well\”
 we present a lackadaisical
      perspective that renders us
           into a state 
       of numbness 

   Each one of you 
      is exceptional 
        because each of you
            dares to push 
              in order to ensure
               for the greater 
   As students 
       we request of live 
           to provide 

             and determination   
       to see us through

  The potential to be 
    there with another human 
       through their devastation
          resides in pure honour 
              in addition 
          to authenticity 

    I\’ve cultivated enough 
       lessons to replace each 
          granule of fun dip powder
      to coat all of the world\’s 
           most beautiful 

   I\’ve learned from my peers 
     who\’ve shown the utmost respect 
         and support 
      To my fellow students 

        May you all be 
            truly elated with every 
                endeavour you decide
                    to pursue       

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