I am revolution…

The ultimate romantic aspect our of
eclectic lives; I believe to be incredibly
elementary and intimate relationship

we have with ourselves.  Through my
journeys in: Wonderland, The Labyrinth,
Narnia, Oz and of course anything and

everything penned by the original Fairy
God Father’s: The Brothers Grimm and
Hans Christian Anderson; I relished each

perilous journey, no matter how close it
brought me to death.  As I age, I have
started to discover, the only way to live

organically is to constantly allow my:
inner spark, inertia, heart whatever
the fuck you want to call it — to properly

reign over me.  If I take each one of my
experiences, on their own they do not
equate to much.  Nevertheless, if I jar

all of them together in one place; that is
one hell of an inner tsunami.  The time
to conquer, to be my own revolutionary,

to rule in peace with a quill and full
stocked bottles of indigo blue ink. 

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