thump, thump, thumper

have you ever met a human being
       who housed characteristics from your favourite
              children’s fairy-tale?
    grateful for an afforded imagination
          that resides in a place to see the beauty
                 of certain individuals
       thumper is one of the kindest
              most wholesome characters
                    with distinguished features
           who houses the ability
                   to simultaneously be firm
                       yet,  steeped in infinite kindness
       i don’t believe humans are simple beings
             we are indeed gifted with a myriad layers
                   of authentic complexity
                            of who we are
                 i remember the first time
                      that i noticed you in class
                            your optics were always
                  so bright and inquisitive
               in the fashion of thumper
                    the genuine perspective
                         which oozes
                               from your strong essence
                    showcases accountability of character
                          the level of genuine honesty
                                 is truly incredible 
                                     to behold
                        never an excuse made
                            only the reality of a situation
                                 in a whimsical fashion
                   you lift those
                        who’ve been trapped
                                in an oubliette
                           in the manner thumper
                           untwisted bambi’s wobbly legs
                                 and slowly encouraged
                                       the enchanted forest prince
                                             to fortify himself
                                on a slippery 
                                     and challenged
                                          in a manner conducive
                                                  to tenderness 

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