Interview with Author, Anthony Creane

When I was young, I had such love of horror.  I was always impressed as to how horror special effects included so many props.  We did not have the detail orientated special effects our modern-day movies offer us.  It’s no different with horror books, I used to linger on every bit of rage, anger andContinue reading “Interview with Author, Anthony Creane”

Interview with Artisan, Ashanty Avila

I love horror movies and gore since I was a child, there’s something about horror that I find to be exceptionally attractive similar to that of Ashanty Avila’s art pieces.  The minute I gazed upon Ashanty’s miniature rooms I was completely hooked and relished every piece she had riddled with gore and mystery.  Ashanty’s creationsContinue reading “Interview with Artisan, Ashanty Avila”

Interview, Marketer & Poet, Ryan A. Knipe

The last time that I really thought about Marketing was in grade 11.  I remember this one assignment where we had to design our own box of cereal and sell it to the class. At the time my brother worked for a company where I could get my hands-on sample sheets of self adhesive vinylContinue reading “Interview, Marketer & Poet, Ryan A. Knipe”

Interview, Jewellery Designer, Iris Saar Isaacs

As a child, the first thing that you are taught how do to when you start to hold a pencil, is to draw consistent circles in preparation to write letters.  However, Iris Saar Isaacs has taken her pieces that may look like squiggles on ordinary paper and metamorphized them to become a part of herContinue reading “Interview, Jewellery Designer, Iris Saar Isaacs”

Interview, Founder of KUBOA, Pablo D\’Stair

Last year this month my book Cockroach Blueprint was published by KUBOA Press, I was so scared that it was too insane of an idea. But, the founder of KUBOA Press Pablo D’Stair thought that it was a terrific and was supportive right from the start.  I thought, in the back of my mind thatContinue reading “Interview, Founder of KUBOA, Pablo D\’Stair”

Interview, Poet, Kailey Tedesco

Just this past week, I was asked by someone if I ever get bored with the number of interviews that I conduct for my blog. My answer was simple – no! And, here is why with each interview that has been facilitated a new connection has been made with another human being.  As members ofContinue reading “Interview, Poet, Kailey Tedesco”

Interview, Founder of The Round Table Challenge, Wade Staark

Wade, @unkownthepoet  Are you a sesquipedalian? Or are you one who utilises words in such a careful fashion?  Either way your awareness can be enhanced by following The Round Table Challenge that is currently occurring on Instagram today and everyday for the next year – I might add.   Are you not sure, as to whatContinue reading “Interview, Founder of The Round Table Challenge, Wade Staark”

Interview with Artist, Christy Sverre

Have you ever pushed a tube of paint through your fingers, feeling the squishy texture of the paint as you apply it directly on the canvas? I have and totally find that feeling completely therapeutic – as does Christy. The one thing that strikes me about Christy is her aquatic themed pieces. They just makeContinue reading “Interview with Artist, Christy Sverre”

Interview With Founder of DeepDownDirty, Maya Stone

Sundays, in my opinion are designed to do nothing but chill out and listen to music or at least that is what my Sunday mornings were like before I married and had children… Regardless of how differently my weekends pan out these days, music still plays a large role in my life; if it wereContinue reading “Interview With Founder of DeepDownDirty, Maya Stone”

Interview, Dani West Author of HEAD

Like I said, this is a year of favourites and going for it… I\’ve been addicted to the work of Dani West from the moment I was introduced to it.  I wrote a review of her poetry months back when I was in review mode.  And her lines still adhere to my mind  \”I\’m aContinue reading “Interview, Dani West Author of HEAD”

Follow up Interview, Founder of Thirty West P.H., Josh Dale

                                                 As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of “what are they doing now interviews…” as follow ups. I thought it equally important to approach Josh Dale founder ofContinue reading “Follow up Interview, Founder of Thirty West P.H., Josh Dale”

Follow up interview, Lyric Spinto Soprano, Marika Rauscher

Whenever, I mention that I studied a couple of years to be an Opera Singer I get the strangest look like – why would you want to do that? My response, simply because it’s a beautiful way to express oneself – music does that on a whole yes, but Opera takes it up a notch. Continue reading “Follow up interview, Lyric Spinto Soprano, Marika Rauscher”

Interview with Artist & Poet: Valisa Bernardino

This year is shaping out to be one of EXTREME excitement and delights.  The minute I decided to start CCIQ Press, I realised that I required Resident Artist – one that was able to grow with the potential of a small press.  The person who I selected is none other than the FABULOUS Valisa Bernardino.Continue reading “Interview with Artist & Poet: Valisa Bernardino”

Interview with Advocate, Poet & Songwriter: Alicia Cook

I promised myself this year I would be braver. Which means reaching out to those who not only work in fields I respect but; also have an soulful artistic side. I\’ve been dying to ask Alicia Cook for an interview for some time now. So I figured there was no time like the present, IContinue reading “Interview with Advocate, Poet & Songwriter: Alicia Cook”

Interview, Mitch Green of RAD Press Publishing

I really truly am fortunate to be surrounded by all these amazing micro presses and poets which includes Mitch Green\’s house RAD Press Publishing. Do me a favour for a minute think of the word RAD and the feeling in which it evokes from your core. A derivative of the word RADICAL and RAD PressContinue reading “Interview, Mitch Green of RAD Press Publishing”

Interview, Grant Jolly

Do you know what today is? It\’s the day Manic Raven Press Publishing is officially launched into the world!!! The founder Grant Jolly has roots heavily steeped in Scotland but has done something quite smart and universal — he is the founder of Manic Raven a global press that seeks to publish not only localContinue reading “Interview, Grant Jolly”

Interview, Karina Bush

Karina Bush is a bold writer with brass balls who is quite methodological when it comes her work.  Whether she be writing about: self love, sex or john\’s the body of work genuinely speaks for itself.  I have to admit, I love artists who are ok with a little bit of discomfort when it comesContinue reading “Interview, Karina Bush”

Interview with Tony Moore, Part II

About three years ago, I had the good fortune of interviewing a tremendous human being who without fail has got to be one of my all time favourite Singer/Songwriters.   Now, I have the opportunity for a follow up interview…. I would just like to extend my gratitude to Tony Moore for sharing a snippetContinue reading “Interview with Tony Moore, Part II”

Horace Panter: Eclectic Artist

In the course of our lives there are indeed a plethora of different methods for us to chronicle our time; mine is by which pair of shoes or boots I bought when. Some of my best memories come from the weathered pair of Dr. Martens that I’d purchased during my second year in University. NeedlessContinue reading “Horace Panter: Eclectic Artist”

Interview with the exquisite: Kiki Monstress

The moment that I set my optics on Kiki’s exquisite work I knew right away; I needed to reach out to request an interview. There are a myriad of ways to apply cosmetics in a fashion that suits nevertheless; once you take-a-look at Kiki’s work you will think that you’ve travelled to a realm ofContinue reading “Interview with the exquisite: Kiki Monstress”

Interview with True Artist, Meghann Wright

Following my review of Meghann Wright\’s self titled EP for or CCQ I was able to catch up with her for a proper interview. The first time that I heard Meghann’s songs they completely resonated with me; I knew right away that I wanted to interview the artist associated with that specific body of work. Continue reading “Interview with True Artist, Meghann Wright”

Interview with Pamela Edmonds ~ Curator for Change!

Spoke with many interesting human beings including; Curator, Pamela Edmonds… I know, there are moments in our lives when we feel incredibly grateful, those are my personal thoughts pertaining to my interview below. Pamela Edmonds is a woman who is willing to blaze her way for change, perception, ignorance of race and the rights ofContinue reading “Interview with Pamela Edmonds ~ Curator for Change!”

Interview with Tony Moore

In high school during our Christmas concert, I wore a sparkly indigo-blue bowtie with a matching cummerbund, 12 pleated white tuxedo shirt, iridescent black pants and a covered denim jacket, ripped into a vest adorned with studs all over the front, on the back in shiny square studs spelt the name of the rock bandContinue reading “Interview with Tony Moore”

Pickin\’ an Editor\’s Brain!

Have you ever wondered what happens to a writer’s work after it has been submitted to an editor? I have too; serendipity guided these questions to my willing Editor, Dan Stoten, who is also the Founder of The Punk Archive. I feel that it is important for writers to comprehend the nature of the business;Continue reading “Pickin\’ an Editor\’s Brain!”