Follow up interview, Lyric Spinto Soprano, Marika Rauscher

Whenever, I mention that I studied a couple of years to be an Opera Singer I get the strangest look like – why would you want to do that? My response, simply because it’s a beautiful way to express oneself – music does that on a whole yes, but Opera takes it up a notch.  There is nothing better than listening to someone singing about how their lover\’s wife, killed the mistress in a fit of rage — which then caused the husband to kill himself – moreover sung with such pretty tones and heavy notes.  I genuinely fell in love with the voice of Lyric Spinto Soprano Marika Rauscher the minute I heard her sing.  Marika’s music comes from such a profound place within her soul and it’s simply ravishing to hear. And, today, I get to present to you all a follow up interview…..
For more information on Marika and the services she offers please check out her website. And, if you are even more inclined to listen to this gorgeous creature’s voice – you can support her work by purchasing her CD “A Broken Heart” available via email. Her book entitled “Singing, Vocal and Performance Tips” is available via Amazon. (Incidentally, I purchased this book and still have it on my computer, I refer to it when I want to remember what proper singing technique involves.)
For updates feel free to follow Marika via social media on Instagram & Twitter.
RMMW: Who are you listening to on your device currently?
MR: I usually just listen to the radio or something random on Spotify, as anything on my devices are mainly work related with songs I need to learn, revise etc. But the last thing I actually listened to on my iPod was my Album: A Broken Heart. It took me almost a year after releasing it, to be able to listen to it without hearing every wrong note or vocal imperfection. But my producer was right. It’s those moments that make the album accessible, raw to the emotion of the piece, and something really rather special. I was always proud of the album, but now I love it and really enjoyed it as a listener as opposed to being the artist. It was a bit of a break through moment!
RMMW:Are you going to write a part 2 for your book “Singing Vocal and Performance Tips”?
MR:Not at the moment, as I’ve been working on 2 new Singing Exercise CD’s to accompany the book. The CD’s should be on sale by February.
You’ve sung to a wide variety of dignitaries and royalty – have you ever considered writing your memoirs?
Goodness! Am I that old already to be considered for writing memoirs? Hahaha!! My alter ego thinks my story would make an awesome film though! Hmmmmm, now I’m thinking about who would play me….hahaha!
RMMW:What do you attribute a successful career as a Teacher/Performer to?
MR: It’s not a one word answer really and hard to condense. Probably because I think everyone’s idea of success is different. For mine personally I’d say: passion, drive, ambition, a hell of a lot of good d fashioned hard work and dedication to not giving up and continuously evolving.  Sprinkle with a serving of talent, putting yourself in the right place at the right time (well, one hopes!) good communication skills with some business sense, and you’ll be on the right path. But don’t stick to rigidly to the path. There’s a lot to be said for going off the beaten track!
RMMW:As an Opera Singer/Teacher — How do you deal with rejection and what advice do you give your students to aid them in dealing with theirs when they are turned down for a part?
MR: It’s always a tough pill to swallow. We are human and rejection is never going to be nice, is it?!
Over the years, being not only the auditionee, but also sitting on judging panels, you grow to realise that rejection really is very rarely personal. It’s a cut throat business and a multitude of reasons as to why you might not have been selected, that has nothing to do with your ability to sing!
So my advise is always to do the work, do your best and no matter what the outcome, you will always feel confident that you gave 100% and went for it. That already puts you ahead of many, and the rest is just chance. You’ve got a 50/50 chance, as does everyone else. Make it your moment. Own it. And no one can ever take that away from you!
For me that’s a win win attitude, as you’ve not failed in landing the role. You’ve gained another invaluable experience, and had another opportunity to shine!
RMMW: It’s never easy being a working Opera Singer – what odd jobs have you had to take in-between work to make ends meet?
MR: In my former life, I used to fill in the gaps as an Operations Manager for Art Galleries, Reception and Office Temping and contracting in Human Resources for City Banks. I now teach, coach, lecture at university, and run Choirs alongside my performing and singing gigs.
RMMW: Anything exciting happening in 2018, that you’d like to share?
MR: Yes, lots. I’m very excited about how this years diary is filling up. Last year had me coaching abroad in New York, which on the back of that, have been asked to coach in Moscow, and am also delivering Workshops at York University Opera Society. I\’ve also got a few motivational speaking slots lined up, which I always enjoy.

Singing wise, I will be performing on the main stage of the CAFE Festival in Ireland, touring an Opera Concert around The Isle of Wight, and am reviving my one woman cabaret shows after the summer, so plenty to keep me out of trouble.

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