Interview with Tony Moore, Part II

About three years ago, I had the good fortune of interviewing a tremendous human being who without fail has got to be one of my all time favourite Singer/Songwriters.   Now, I have the opportunity for a follow up interview…. I would just like to extend my gratitude to Tony Moore for sharing a snippet of his world with us!! 

RMMW: Who have you been listening to lately?

TM: Ryan McMullan – he\’s going to be huge !

RMMW: Your single “Perfect & Beautiful” is such a powerful piece riddled with such honest lyrics and a haunting melody to ensconce the entire song with an air of vulnerability and strength. Now, that being said with the release of “Perfect & Beautiful” and now \”So Many Ways (Of Missing You)\” pending are there any plans in the works for a full length album?

TM: There are always plans for an album, but we live in an age where people consume music \”song by song\” either by downloading single tracks from iTunes or listening to selected playlists on sites like Spotify. So for the time being I intend to keep regularly releasing new material as individual songs and then, as I build up a catalogue of work maybe put it all together as an album. However, I enjoy the spontaneity of writing, recording and planning to release my music as it happens.
RMMW: You\’ve collaborated with so many Singer/Songwriters over the years, if you were offered the opportunity to collaborate with anyone you desire – who would you chose? And of course why?

TM: I would love to work with Elton John. He has been so massively influential in my life as a writer, musician, performer and entertainer.

Perfect & Beautiful 

RMMW: Can you remember the first song that you ever wrote? And the feeling it evoked upon completion?
TM: I was maybe 12 or 13 and wrote some descending chords on the piano and sang my own melody but used the words of the poem “Ducks Ditty” from Wind In The Willows –

All along the backwater,
Through the rushes tall,
Ducks are a-dabbling,
Up tails all!

Ducks\’ tails, drakes\’ tails,
Yellow feet a-quiver,
Yellow bills all out of sight
Busy in the river!

Slushy green undergrowth
Where the roach swim–
Here we keep our larder,
Cool and full and dim.

Everyone for what he likes!
WE like to be
Heads down, tails up,
Dabbling free!

High in the blue above
Swifts whirl and call–
WE are down a-dabbling
Up tails all!

I felt a great sense if accomplishment – As I got older, I found that I had more things to sing about and started writing my own lyrics after that.
RMMW: What is your favourite song written by you and why?
Photo credit Mike Prior

TM: Most songwriters will say \” My newest song\” – which I often echo, others will often say \” I love all my songs like children, how can I pick favourites?\” which I also echo – But, I think if I could only choose one, then it would be a song called \”She\’s A Dreamer\” – I love to play it – and when I am not performing with a band, I lose myself in the \”piano solo\” in the middle. It\’s a fun and yet dramatic song to sing – and I always get such an amazing response from people when I do the song live. It never gets old for me…

RMMW: How do you select your Singer/Songwriters for your weekly show Tony Moore\’s Music Emporium on Soho Radio?
TM: I only invite artists that I personally love – sometimes PR companies \’Pitch\” ideas to me – but I only want to have people on the show that I feel strongly about their music and believe we can have an great conversation. So, they are drawn from people that play at my live shows, friends, friends OF friends and business suggestions.
RMMW: If there an audition process to be showcased on Tony Moore\’s Music Emporium? What are interested performers required to know about it?

TM: Nope – I listen to their music and if it speaks to me (or maybe \”sings\” to me) then I will book them – availability and timing dependent of course. If its not my thing I am polite and explain why it\’s not for my show
RMMW: What is your favourite aspect of doing a weekly radio show?
Photo credit Mike Prior 

TM: After all the preparation (and each show require 2-3 hours of preparation) – what I love is just being \”in the moment\” of the show – jumping off at tangents in conversations – I have a motto \” Ask the unexpected question to get the unprepared response\”

RMMW: We all have an inner critic inside of us who just loves to criticize our work, how do you contend with yours?
TM: I follow my heart –
RMMW: Since music festival season has begun in the UK… which ones are you looking forward to playing at or frequenting?

TM: I am playing, headlining in fact, The Caffe Nero stage at Cornbury Festival on July 7th – Also going to see Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. 

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