Interview with Artisan, Ashanty Avila

I love horror movies and gore since I was a child, there’s something about horror that I find to be exceptionally attractive similar to that of Ashanty Avila’s art pieces.  The minute I gazed upon Ashanty’s miniature rooms I was completely hooked and relished every piece she had riddled with gore and mystery.  Ashanty’s creations come from a vast imagination fearless to try new things.  And, the good news for you; the majority of her art pieces are for sale so there is always something good to purchase —  as well as look at. For more information about Ashanty’s work give her a follow on Instagram @the_murder_room.
RMMW: Have you ever been creatively blocked and if yes, how did you overcome the block?
AA: I tend to have various creative outlets to help me still get my creativity out without getting burned out or blocked
RMMW: Do you have any artists rituals before staring a new piece?
AA: Not really, usually just start a piece as soon as an idea comes up as to not forget what I was doing 😹
RMMW: What is your most important artist tools?
AA: My imagination and hands
RMMW: What inspired you to create miniature rooms?
AA: its a toss up between Beetlejuice and Frances Glessner Lee, she created miniature crime scenes back in the 40s, which helped investigators
RMMW: When did you create your first art piece and what was it?
AA: I was very creative as a kid but the one that stands out is me attempting to oil paint at 8 years old, not knowing anything about oil painting.  I got very discouraged because I just couldn’t get the hang of it and still haven’t touched oil since
RMMW: What is your favourite medium to work with and why?
AA: Tough question… each medium has its pros and cons; they all have their own little personalities.  But I think acrylic painting is a bit more forgiving and easier to layer.
RMMW: Do you listen to music when you create and if so what kind?
AA: Depending on what I’m crafting and my mood, that dictates my music. However, I’m partial to classical.
RMMW: What role do you feel contemporary artists have in society?
AA: Contemporary artists I feel offer such a vast range of inspiration and influence.  The way life is seen through their minds eye varies greatly and the inspiration can be overwhelming sometimes.  They are educators without realizing it. 
RMMW: What Artist do you most identify with and why?
AA: I don’t know that I identify with any one artist in particular.  Even in writing I have at least 5 writers I feel and enjoy. 
RMMW: Why do you enjoy creating art?
AA: Art is a release for me.  I’ve got a restless soul, creating something calms my mind.
RMMW: If you had a super power what would it
AA: Hmmm… I would want to shape-shift.

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