Interview with Artist & Poet: Valisa Bernardino

This year is shaping out to be one of EXTREME excitement and delights.  The minute I decided to start CCIQ Press, I realised that I required Resident Artist – one that was able to grow with the potential of a small press.  The person who I selected is none other than the FABULOUS Valisa Bernardino.  Valisa, houses such an authentic style and obviously stays true to the work that she creates.  The fact that Valisa’s work speaks to me in a fashion that I simply adore  – plus I have two pieces of hers up on my wall… 
Please feel free to follow Valisa on via her two Instagram Accounts @vali_saurus is where she shocases her Art and @osmanthus_n_lavender her Poetry.  Both worthy of a follow in my opinion…
I thought that it would be fun to do an interview with Valisa as an introduction to all of you….
RMMW: At what age did you begin to draw?
VJB: I started drawing at about 10 years old. I would have spurts where I was really into it, then not draw anything for months at a time.
RMMW: Do you remember what your first picture was?
VJB: The first picture was of Goofy. I wish I still had it to show you.
RMMW: What is your favourite medium to create with?
VJB: It has changed recently. I used to just love a good old pencil and sketch paper. Lately, I really love markers. I\’m still learning all that I can do with them.
RMMW: What came first your love of poetry or art?
VJB: I would say art first. Although I started writing around the same time, I didn\’t grow an appreciation and understanding for reading poetry until I was a bit older. Art has always captured my attention.
RMMW: Do you ever write poetry to coincide with your art?
VJB: I have not. Not on purpose. Sometimes I\’ll write something that happens to fit with something I\’ve drawn. But I feel like they are almost two different languages in me. They come from different places. However, I\’m not opposed to trying to merge the two of them one day. 
RMMW: Being a working mother, when do you normally steal moments to create with such a busy lifestyle?
VJB: Oh man, anytime I can. A lot of late nights usually, lunch breaks, and weekends. This is how you know you really love to do something right? 
RMMW: What is your favourite thing to draw?
VJB: My favorite thing to draw would be the girl faces I draw. Just seeing how many ways I can make it different, but the same with whatever weird or creepy elements I can think up. And anything bloody, I\’m all in. 
RMMW: Do you have any artist’s rituals before starting a new piece?
VJB: I don\’t have any rituals. I\’m kind of a messy worker too. I just need enough space for the paper and I\’m good. 
RMMW: Why does gore attract you?
VJB: This makes me laugh because my friend thinks I was a serial killer in my past life or maybe an advisor for torture device building in the Middle Ages. But no, none of that. I\’m not sure where it comes. I know people associate gore with horror films and things of that nature. I think it can represent other things. Sometimes it\’s just a reflection of a certain mood or emotion, and it feels like gross things are pouring out of my eyes or my insides are falling out. Sometimes it just looks cool and it\’s fun to draw.
RMMW: We all must contend with our inner critics—how do you contend with yours?
VJB: It is so tough sometimes. I try to use it as motivation to push myself to grow and try new and 
different things. When I start doubting myself especially, I feel like that\’s the time to push, otherwise I think it can eat away to the point of stopping. 
RMMW: Have ever been creatively blocked? If yes, how did you over come it? 
VJB: I hear about creative blocks, but I don\’t really believe in it. I think it\’s really a time to listen to your mind and body. Just put it down for a bit. When I can\’t write, I draw and vice versa. And if I can\’t to both, I have no problem taking a break and looking for new inspiration.  
RMMW: If you had a super power what would it be? 
VJB: I really want Magnetos powers. Traffic here is no joke. I\’d like to move cars out of my way. Gently, of course.

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