No triskaidekaphobia here on Friday the 13th only, Unreasonable Woman by April Rose Gabrielli

It has been a while since I posted a review of some sort, so I thought today would be as good a day as any other.  Well, I would say more of an introduction than proper review, which will be forthcoming once I have really been able to marinate on these PHENOMENAL TRACKS! Plus, when one of my favourite Singer/Songwriters releases their first EP on Friday the 13th, the is cause for a little mystification merged in all the music bars that I am constantly ensconced in when I hear this specific voice. The prolific Singer/Songwriter I am speaking of is April Rose Gabrielli; the moment midnight hit I added Unreasonable Woman to my iTunes. I could not think of a better thing to do for myself; Unreasonable Woman includes April’s three previously released tracks including Bad Habit (Don’t Make Me Bad), Need A Break, and Do You? which literally forced my core to fall in love with April’s work.  I honestly did not know what to expect, the moment I started listening I was in complete awe with Low, Happy, and Breaking Both. One of my favourite characteristics of April’s songwriting that I relish is her ability to constantly create music that house distinctly different sounds from song to song. I am quite delighted today, instead of playing three songs on repeat, I can play Unreasonable Woman in its entirety over and over again, click this link and your ears will be happy! I promise!

Ok, now stop listening and go purchase Unreasonable Woman!!!!

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