In between sheets of paper

Think of quiet moments
silent explosions
and wonder
how it would feel
to be inside a dying star

breathe and gaze
a supernova concealed soul
about to BURST

The vibrant hues alone
it would be beautiful
an organic definition

A stifled life
relinquishes everything
fingers feel the slightly
bumpy textured parchment

It desires to be written all over
every inch of its surface

What words would one select?

Phrases whispered by lovers
in the heat of the formation
of the beast with two backs

Lovers who surrender
their beings to each other
who pick up on vulnerabilities
and act as a barrier of protection

Lovers who know
exactly who they desire
beyond measure

When the whispered promises
are made; secret packs
of blood intertwined
with a fire so fierce it’s felt
through the course of lifetimes

Bonds forged
enthralled and aware
two things that may cause a fright
connection maintains truth

and, just exhale

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