Happy Anniversary RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore!


    On March 24, 2020 my friend Tony Moore set out to stream shows via Facebook live as a means to entertain the world from the dreaded impending devastation of the pandemic that has claimed numerous lives.  Everyone was so freaked out as no one knew what was going to happen next, with that level of fear and isolation the brain starts to fall into a severe depression.  What Tony managed to do with his Lockdown live shows is to not only inspire but also put an ENOURMOUS amount of love into the world each and everyday. The number of songs that were performed is completely BONKERS 1278 original and 1015 covers for a total of 2393 as of tonight\’s anniversary show.  

    Over the year, I have met some extremely interesting individuals who I\’ve never met but are indeed quite important to me.  RIGHT HERE! is a show that advocates for unification as the theme for this evening is clearly stated in the congratulatory videos carefully crafted, and designed with such beauty and elegance.  This show is a testament to humanity and connecting with like minded individuals globally.  It genuinely was a thing of beauty to be able to have a front row seat to this roller coaster adventure ride. What Tony has done for the world is give us an outlet and safe space where neither the \’c\’ or \’v\’ words were mentioned.  The level of isolation that the \’c\’ word has perpetuated solidified the tremendous need for spirit soothing music. 

Art By Teja! 

    Tonight, Tony released a beautiful surprise into the world called We Are One as a means of paying homage to our viewers and their impact on us during the year. When I was in Hawaii, I learned the of the word Ohana, it means family — that is pretty much what Tony has managed to do in the last year.  A large family merged together; people from all over the world began to connect with each other on a very profound level. The impact will be felt throughout the course of our lives; all solidified with Tony\’s gift of music and compassion. 

    As I said in my video Tony, thank you is not enough! Another person I need to thank who has been an integral part of the show Filmmaker and Magician Spyros Melaris who has been responsible for organising every single video, guest introduction and sting.  The three of us from far away worked together; I learned so many lessons about pre and post production that will stay with me throughout my life as an advocate and poet! 

Here\’s to another year of shows! ❤  

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