oui c’est moi!

people don’t realise  
i genuinely try to be kind
to everyone – but, if i feel
disingenuous manipulation
my toes curl and temper 
flares beyond the shade crimson
which takes over my being 
— is a grave understatement 

society views those 
who are altruistic
with uncandid thoughts  
as ass kissers or those who plot
to get ahead by who you know 

well, here’s a bit of unpleasant 
news – i hold myself accountable 
for every single ugly decision 
i have made through my adventures 

life is not about who you know 
and where they can take you 
it’s about untouched destinations 
within your journey – where 
an imprint is left to absorb 
into our plasma rich earth 

which in return will be cultivated 
for those who come after us

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