iLOtalks : EDITION 1 – Empath-y

This morning I was scrolling through my socials; and read the post below on Singer/Songwriter iLO\’s Facebook page. This is a post that everyone should read — as it clearly illustrates the importance of self care and love for human beings who sacrifice bits of who they are to make others happy.  An extremely valid lesson as iLO states: \”It does get daunting sometimes, to feel so much and absorb others’ joy, turmoil, whatever it may be, like a sponge.\” This level of compassion is not expressed by everyone on this planet — to be able to succinctly comprehend human emotion and the impact on themselves and still house a forged desire to be an instrument of aid. Inspirational!   Humanity offers moments of growth and development to be able to better understand ourselves in the fashion iLO has expressed below so clearly. 

For more information on iLO give her a follow, and take in a live show each Thursday at 6:30 pm UK time. 

Happy Wednesday, 

Rania M M Watts, CCIQ Press 

p.s. Thank you iLO for allowing me to share your extremely valid words. 💜

HEY GUYS❣️Im launching a new blog series on mental health topics, on my social media pages, called ‘iLOtalks’. Im really passionate about it and want to help create a brighter, safer space for my fans and I to connect more. This will be in my own words using my own experiences, not an expert opinion, just someone who cares and wants to welcome you into an open space to share. 


iLOtalks : EDITION 1 – Empath-y  

Hi, I’m an empath. Im creative and introverted and sensitive and feel everything, all the damn time. 🙂 I get questioned often on why I help others (sometimes strangers who enter my orbit one way or another) by taking on their inner pain, and their stories to heart, without much in return, or to no obvious benefit to my potential happiness or wellbeing. At times those close to me understandably may get angry and frustrated, as its hard to watch the process, because they desire to protect me, and Im forever grateful and blessed to have that safety net and loving care. But its not a simple answer. 

First, I realized its easy to think, ‘Not my problem’. Its easier for everything we don’t have time for, to be someone else’s business. We can choose not get involved emotionally, sure. Wish it was that easy for me but its a battle that keeps me up \’til 4am often. (Then I start ordering pizza and burgers and it really gets messy). 

It’s the nature of an empath to give, to relate, to sense human emotion as if it were their own, and re-experience it as their own. Can be a bit of a mindf**k. A fine line to cross into too much giving, a tough path to walk if you’ve also been on the receiving end of trauma-bonding, abandonment or a painful past (another topic I’ll cover very soon). You also need to be aware as being an empath makes you much more vulnerable to be taken advantage of and being the freshest most delicious target for narcissists- so it takes extra protection. 

Ultimately, it comes down to an overwhelming, ingrained desire to make a difference in someone\’s life, and to forgive and try to soften/erase the results of others mistakes and misfortunes, just to know they have new reasons to smile, to rest well, to feel whole, to see the light, to get up, and to move forward. It by all means isn\’t entirely selfless (nothing is), as it makes me feel good in return, its a rewarding emotion, but I do tend to blur the lines at times and take it that bit too far, and sacrifice tiny billion parts of my own heart to make others happier. Hmm. What I wish people who meet me knew, is I\’m private, and at the same time have an infinite amount of love to give. There\’s plenty to give to my significant chosen person (and ALWAYS a priority), plenty left to go around in mini chunks to a million souls spread across the universe. I take care of others AND take care of my heart as well – it just took me over 25 years to learn how to (process ongoing). It does get daunting sometimes, to feel so much and absorb others’ joy, turmoil, whatever it may be, like a sponge. But most of the time my tears and jitters and filters and emotions are just an outward open expression of a very sensitive and intuitive person, not a detriment to who I grow and work on to be. 

Give, but take care of your precious heart. Be less tough on YOU. Don\’t ever let anyone make you feel like less of a strong individual for offering a genuine part of yourself to help aid someone else\’s pain. Its not a sacrifice to make someone\’s day, but an honour. Just make sure you know how to make your own shine that bit brighter first 🙂 

Thank you for reading x iLO

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