resigned attitudes form away from realities demise reflection  requires pause and delight  to thrive  by dark  shadows light pain inevitable love remarkable one\’s genuine self dissolves in jellos  powder crystals  liquid kisses and blitz of misses though fake may say  stay and fight for there’s still a quarts worth of questions that must solidify as jigglersContinue reading “quit”

Hemingway\’s B & B

Twilight approaches, in its company a wearyspirit seeks a tear drops worth of welcomedsolace. Hands no longer able to navigate thissteering with wheel minimal visibility. I investigatethe unworthy surreptitious road to find the bedand breakfast that holds my current reservation. Finally, a driveway, delightful slumber only afew kilometers in distance. What a wondrous signto greetContinue reading “Hemingway\’s B & B”