It’s not just the difference in the varnish colour on the big toe

Yada yada,
even if you stick your toe
in the same spot geographically,
you’re still stepping into a different
stream than from before

Remarkable how individuals
are formed and molded based
on experience of which part
of a foot entered a stream
physicality highlights a optic
perspective — the water wears
on the ensconced

A non tangible entity
the soul of a human being
how is the soul weathered
the body
one concept
that can be felt
warm morsels
of soul flesh

A woman is a body of liquid
who mutates in form
to acquire strategies
which allow for the cool aqua
to not necessarily
be impacted
from the depth
of the side
screws, cogs, and nails
which construct
of tolerable traits
and those of which
a line has been drawn
which reaches the centre
of Earth

Acceptance leads to fear
soulfully disrobed
submission is not an option
nature chooses to not rule
to attempt
to actually dare to adore
a heart in some ways
is a body of water
where numerous individuals
have left a foot imprint
on the fleshiest
piece of the heart

I wonder if Heraclitus
thought of the blood, a river
of some sort — a myriad
of idioms — surrender
at the feet of the one
who offers adoration
in the purest form
tethers; or
here is the perfect hole
for a human head to, well…

You get it; right?

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