Heart Shaped Noose + Break My Teeth + My Insecticide + Lunar + Brittle + Ocean + Ghost Stories + Tough Luck + Halloween + Typing… = Cemented Ink! Episode 12 with Awakening Autumn

Illustration Credit, Samantha Gabrielle
Cemented Ink!, Episode 12, Awakening Autumn

I will be the first person to admit, that when it comes to the passage of time and a desire to wait for something riddles me with a high amount of burnable energy — until my query has been responded to. What I am discussing of course is my incessant need and desire to want to know both What? & Why?; What was the setting event?; Why did it occur in the first place?; in this instance it was in relation to lyrics. Patience for me is a whole other ball of wax that doesn’t exist in any of my realms — EVER. Being a curious human being, although, champing at the bit, until it was time to interview McKade & Spencer from Awakening Autumn. I think one of the most fascinating characteristics of this type of specific medium is the dialogue and heightened attention to what truly fuels a human being. And, with musicians, there is always a cornucopia of topics of discussion; never a dull moment. So, strap on, and get ready for this twisted mental ride and as always happy listening.

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